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Tina Šutej set the world record for the season in the triathlon in Belgrade



The athlete from Kladivar Celje, Tina Šutej, won the indoor triple pole vault in Belgrade with the season’s best result of 4.76 meters, which is only four centimeters less than her national record.

The host Serbia won (180 points) ahead of Croatia (163) and Slovenia (162).

Tina Šutej, the best athlete in Slovenia last year, started competing when the others had already finished at heights below four meters. In her first attempts, she jumped 4.30, 4.50 and 4.60 meters. At 4.70 meters, which is 10 centimeters short of her national record, she broke the bar twice, and on the third attempt she was successful and then told to set the bar at 4.76 m.

Here, too, she needed three attempts to advance to the next height, which was 4.81 m. The member of Kladivar from Celje set the Slovenian indoor and absolute record, 4.80 m, in 5th place. in March last year in Rouen.

Last year, she won bronze at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade and then third in the summer at the European Championships.

The first indoor result of the season, 4.75 m, was so far owned by the Finn Wilma Murta from the match in the domestic Kuortane and she reached it on January 7.

Renner the best with 5.40 metersSlovenian record holder Robert Renner (Mass) also won the pole vault among the athletes, who jumped 5.40 m and was 22 cm behind the indoor state record from in 2013 (5.62 m), as he broke the bar at 5.63 m three times.

Nika Glojnarič (Brežice) won the 60 m hurdles with a personal record of 8.22 seconds, Eva Cinderella (Kladivar) achieved the maximum in the triple jump with 13.52 m.

With 3:45.89, they are first in the 4 x 400 m relay targeted Aneja Simončič (Mass), Agata Zupin (Velenje), Karolina Zbičajnik (Styria) and Zoja Šušteršič (Mass) crossed the line.

Jerneja Smonkar (Velenje) won the 800 m (2:04.73), Petja Klojčnik (Stajerska, 2:06.05) was third. Also in the long jump, first and third place went to Slovenia with Dino Subašić (Velenje, 7.46 m) and Nino Celce (Slovenska Bistrica, 7.25 m).

In the 3000 m, Vid was looking forward to the victory Botulinum (Kladivar) with 8:13.27, and Sandro Jeršin in the high jump Tomassini (Mass, 2.15 m).

Anej Čurin Praprotnik (Ptuj) was only 6.79 seconds behind at 60 ms Alex Kijanovićwho equaled the Serbian record with 6.66.

At 400 m in Belgrade, Agata Zupin is in the last ten meter lost the victory and was with 53.40 the second. Lovro Mesec Košir (Mass, 47.23) also reached this place at the same distance. Tilen Dobnikar (Triglav, 3:52.71) and Teodor Majcenovič (Velenje, 3:53.20) were second in the 1500 m. Lia Apostolovski (Mass) was third in the high jump with 1.84 m.

Source: Rtvslo

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