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They investigate traces of semen found at rape scene linked to Dani Alves



A specific group within the Barcelona Mossos Deskuadra, the Central Unit for Sexual Assaults, gathered evidence at the Sutton Discoteca to clarify the case of Dani Alves, who is facing legal action for alleged rape.

Mossos received from special forces a trace of semen found in the sink where the crime was allegedly committed. According to the victim’s testimony, he realized Alves was “finished.”

“I could see the stains on the ground. Not 100% semen, but yes, I know it’s over,” the victim asserted.

The 15th Court of Barcelona may order or volunteer to compare the genetic material held by the agents to Alves’ DNA to find coincidences. These tests were able to define whether or not there was a sexual relationship, as the victims’ medical reports showed few biological signatures and were uninformative.

Faced with this setback, police will also analyze the clothes the woman wore on the night of the event. to judge

number of tests

The Mossos d’Esquadra also found a VIP room security video, in addition to the alleged semen of Dani Alves. The video shows a Brazilian interacting with victims and friends despite Alves’ initial denials.

Similarly, special agencies of the authorities reported that the victim’s fingerprints were found in various places in the room. He then changed his version to say he found a , concluding by saying they had consensual sex, and claiming he said he didn’t know. She is the woman who protects her.


Dani Alves’ defense has until Thursday, January 26 to file a new appeal. This would have been decisive testimony by the Brazilian, who may have sought to reduce Alves’ sentence, including withdrawing his passport and regular court appearances. He thinks he is innocent.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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