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This will be Messi’s tattoo after winning the World Cup in Qatar



The Argentine national team defeated the French national team to become champions of the World Cup in Qatar. It seems easy to write, but the emotions of the unforgettable month are still felt and are forever in everyone’s memory.

Lionel Messi spoke with Perros de la Calle about everything and what kind of tattoo he plans to get. I’ve seen millions of different tattoos and people are so original. ”

What about La Purga? Paris Saint-Germain’s crack will tattoo the famous Cup 5 letter, which was the flag that cheered for all footballers of the Argentine national team.

In addition, he also mentioned various tattoos that he saw on social networks. I really enjoyed the whole World Cup, I enjoyed it before and after the World Cup. Everything that happened, everything I saw, and it was an impressive month of my life.From my family, I saw how I enjoyed it. ”

La Purga describes what he felt in that moment: Many things cross my mind. You seem to be enjoying the moment and can’t believe you finally have it. It is very difficult to describe the feeling at that time. That said, it’s over and I’ve got it all with the national team.”

Moreover, he also cleared the doubts about that famous exclamation. already. Yes, ask God And then more. I used to go there To tell Montiel to do so, stop here.

There has been much speculation about his grandmother or Diego Maradona’s possible demandsHe concluded: “The thing about my grandmother and Diego is that the truth is, don’t ask God to do it, ask him to finish it.” One of the many mysteries that the unforgettable World Cup gave us is over.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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