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Chelsea stumble again in Premier despite signing billionaire



Chelsea draw against Fulham / AFP

Chelsea draw against Fulham / AFP

Money doesn’t make you happy and in Chelsea’s case it doesn’t give you the goals you need to win games. Against Fulham, they amassed two consecutive zero draws.

The ‘Blues’ had chances to win the game, but the eager visiting team knew how to hold on in keeping with the great season that was shaping up. Score a point in the London Derby.

Chapter 22 of the Premier League kicked off at Stamford Bridge with a match between Chelsea and Fulham. Winter Market with $329.5 million spent.

Therefore, the most expensive companies Enzo Fernandez and Mihailo Mudrik they started the game from the starting eleven Spaniards Kepa and Cucurella also stuck with it.

For the Argentinian, his game didn’t get much attention, so for the Ukrainian, he went to the bank at halftime, so blues fans couldn’t draw too many conclusions.

As for his team, Chelsea, the truth is that he has moved between dominating and dominating. Fulham commanded with enviable intensity in the English league.

Andreas Pereira’s shot tried to back it up on the scoreboard, but Kepa made it big with a strong mitt. Havertz responded a few minutes later but failed to score.Leno his petroleum jelly He slammed into the post and was the best chance of a game that ended goalless at half-time.

After the break the game was more Chelsea’s shade of blue than Fulham’s white, but the truth is the locals weren’t enjoying their chances To dominate the scoreboard.

It’s ironic to say that Graham Potter’s men are missing a pure ‘9’ in the transfer market they created, but it’s true. The game progressed by the minute, even without the winning goal.

Sterling, Madueque, Azpilicueta and Fofana were also unchanged, but Fofana was looking to score after a spectacular play. Reid made the save under the stick in the 80th minute.

Chelsea were 1-0 but nothing. Conceded to a draw, 2 consecutive games without conceding a goal And the present denies him at the moment, hoping that the future will bear fruit on him.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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