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Aguila regains victory thanks to Dustin Collier



Aguila defeated Djokoro at Barraza/CD Aguila Stadium

Aguila defeated Djokoro at Barraza/CD Aguila Stadium

At the ‘Juan Francisco Barraza’ stadium in São Miguel, Aguila defeated Jocorro 1-0 on the seventh day of Clausura 2023 thanks to an excellent goal from Dustin Coria in the first half.

The battle between the eastern teams was expected to be strong. Well, Egret his team grew out of the pressure of the fans and sports his press on running the team and his week with foreign players who didn’t live up to expectations. Meanwhile, the team led by Morazan had just been beaten 2-3 by Santa his Tekla.

In the first ten minutes, Aguila held the ball, opened the field and applied Sebastien Bini’s ideas. However, he was unable to advance on the Jokoro defensive wall and the Migueleño club was very erratic in the Morazan team’s counter-attack, receiving two yellow cards in the first ten minutes of the game.

The feathered club’s offensive axis was basically Gerson Mayen. The midfielder occupied almost the entire part of the midfield alongside Juan Barajona.

In the 26th minute, after Djokoro fouled at the edge of the area, Dustin Collias took charge of the free-kick and scored the first and only goal of the match with a perfect touch from his left foot.

The same thing happened in the first half, and Jokoro was overwhelmed by Aguila’s midfield. The final goal of the first half was a set-piece from Djokoro, with Águila goalkeeper Rafa García admirably saving a header from Djokoro’s attacker.

The second half started with a very intense dynamic for the Miguelenho team.

In this match, Aguila showed considerable solidity in the defensive stage and despite the fact that he failed to achieve all his chances on goal, he kept the ball most of the time and showed a compact side. .

Jocoro seemed completely unaware of the work he had done in the past. Morazan’s team did not seem to find itself on the field, and rather than a team with precise tactical maneuvers, it is recognized that the dimensions of the ‘Balasa’ field influenced Hokoro’s small development of football. I was.

At the end of the game, it was again a save by Uruguay’s Rafael García, so it ended with Morazan’s team’s desire to achieve a draw. .

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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