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Skating gives hope to the youth of the San Salvador 2023 Games



Skating federation administrative manager Lleida Corato and skating coach Judith Lopez tell Diario how they are preparing for the medal-winning Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador. I spoke with El Mundo.

“We have been preparing for the competition since last year and this year we have sent Yvonne Noches and Marvin Rodriguez to our training base. They will be based in Cali, Colombia from February to June,” declared Lleida Corato. .

Regarding their expectations as a skating federation, Judith Lopez said she hopes to win, but the change from youth to senior that both Noches and Rodriguez will bring will be the main drawback the athlete has.

“We are hopeful for medals, but the downside is that they are in the junior division and this year they are in the senior division. The level of demand is more difficult,” he said.

Faced with this situation, the Skating Federation has predicted that Yvonne and Marvin will participate in three international trade fairs in preparation, but that will depend on INDES or the El Salvador Olympic Committee to approve the funding. increase.

“They were able to participate in two tournaments in Colombia and one in Europe, which is preparation for the Olympics. The European Cup will be held at the end of March,” Lopez said.

El Salvador’s skating team will consist of four skaters, two women and two men, of whom Ivonne Nochez and Marvin Rodríguez have already been classified and the remaining two will be determined based on the federation’s assessment.

“In total, we will have four athletes, two female and two male. At this time, Yvonne and Marvin have already been classified,” the coach commented.

“We have four candidates for the remaining positions, who will be sent to our training base and will select two to compete in the Olympics,” he added.

According to the Skating Federation, the four athletes being evaluated, Eid Berrios and Odile Miranda, have more experience.

“Of these four athletes, Berrios and Miranda are the most experienced, but women’s Daniela Mia and men’s Carlos Murillo also appreciated their participation in the competition,” Lopez said. will be done,” he explained.

As explained by Lerida Korato, the next few weeks will intensify the preparation of each athlete, as the final list of athletes competing in the competition must be presented in April.

“Olympic finals should be in April and we will evaluate each performance and make a decision in the coming weeks,” he said.

Regarding the rivalry to beat, Judith Lopez said that Colombia is a world power and that’s why Yvonne and Marvin were sent there to gain more experience at the Olympics.

“Colombia is a world power and a rival to beat. Ivonne and Marvin will face 10-15 world champions in each tournament, giving them more experience.”

Skating federations have clarified the issue of athlete Diana Platero’s possible return, saying she is “unfit to compete.”

“Diana Platero was a great athlete at the time, but after evaluating her at last year’s tournament, we concluded that she could not continue this process.”

The skating coach said he can’t make medal predictions, but hopes to win a few, and Marvin Rodriguez has a better chance of winning than Yvonne Noches.

“I can’t predict a medal, but I hope we can achieve it. I believe Marvin has more chances than Yvonne at the moment,” Lopez said.

Regarding the investment INDES has made, the federation said it’s fine, but never enough for the preparation athletes need.

“The investment that INDES has made is great, but it is never enough. The training base helps us, but the various competitions that are held require support. It doesn’t help predict whether or not it will be done,” Colato explains.

“So far they have only given us $45,000,” he added.

The skating federation requested INDES to inspect the El Polvoline facility to see the progress of the conversion, but this request was denied.

“I requested an entry to see how the renovation was going, but INDES said they couldn’t do it.The truck would be ready in May,” he said. said.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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