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French report on PSG elimination in Champions League: ‘No team’



The French sports newspaper has criticized Paris Saint-Germain for their repeated failures in the Champions League this Thursday. The Paris team has many stars, but no team.

In addition to Germany winning 0-1 in the first leg after losing 2-0 in the round of 16 against Bayern Munich last night, French commentators and analysts today unabashedly criticize the Paris model.

“PSG has a team built on the idea of ​​having a team of ‘rock’ stars, rather than a real football team,” said Vicente Lizarazu, a football analyst for public radio France Info. It’s a strategy that “has paid off in order to be internationally recognized as a great player in Europe”, but not at the level of football, according to former Bayern player Lizarazu, who became world champion in France in 1998. adds Mr.

He explained that looking at Germany’s bench yesterday, he could see “a team built to play in the Champions League”. At PSG, the ‘problem’ of not being valued for ‘untalented but very useful players’ is recurring.

And remember how striker Choupo Moting, the executioner of the Paris team for yesterday’s first goal, was ridiculed by all PSG fans.“When he was a member of the French team. Former PSG player and ‘Prime Video’ analyst Edouard Cisse said the Parisian team, one of the biggest budgets in Europe, ‘didn’t “I agree with ‘L’Equipe’ that there is some solution on the bench” and try to reverse the match.

“You need a team and before that you need a group. At this level you need 20 players and 14 are very high level veterans,” he adds. Cisse said he doesn’t expect much from PSG’s board of directors, a club under the control of Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Foote also points to the lack of quality troops on the Paris bench, coupled with injuries to Marquinhos and his replacement Muquierre in the heart of the defense. Other critics pointed to the Parisian midfield “stuffed” by Bayern media Kimmich and Goretzka, and that “they were dead” after the break because the French league doesn’t demand much physical. “But in the Champions League it’s a must.”

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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