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To the Norwegian tour on the wings of mountain climbers



Masle in the team instead of Petr Prevac

The Ski Jumping World Cup continues with the Norwegian Raw Air tour, where 11 Slovenian competitors will take part.

Robert A hump he took six jumpers north. In addition to the foursome that shone on Saturday with the title of world champion at the Nordic Championship in Planica – Timi Zajc, Anže Lanišek, Lovro Kos, Žiga Jelar – are they still in the team Domain Prevcwho also performed under Ponci, and young people Butter deadlinewho is in the team instead Petar Prevac. The most successful Slovenian jumper of all time is recovering after a fall during training on Bloudka Velikanka.

Skupno, po 23 tekmah od 32:
 1. H. E. GRANERUD      NOR   1652 točk
 2. D. KUBACKI          POL   1359     
 3. A. LANIŠEK          SLO   1096     
 4. S. KRAFT            AVT   1078     
 5. P. ŽYLA             POL    822     
 6. A. WELLINGER        NEM    743     
 7. R. KOBAJAŠI         JAP    704     
 8. M. FETTNER          AVT    584     
 9. T. ZAJC             SLO    532     
10. K. GEIGER           NEM    511     
16. Ž. JELAR            SLO    381     
20. D. PREVC            SLO    276     
21. P. PREVC            SLO    274     
23. L. KOS              SLO    251     
46. Ž. MOGEL            SLO     29     
59. M. BARTOLJ          SLO     11     
67. R. MASLE            SLO      6     
68. M. VIDIC            SLO      5     

The jumpers will compete for the sixth time in this tour Raw Air. The older of the Prevc brothers was the best Slovenian in the total three times. He was fifth at the premiere performance in 2017, in 2020 Jelar took overall fourth place, and last year he was fourth Prices Prevc, who has already finished his career in the meantime. He defends the overall victory Stefan Kraftwhich is just like Kamil Stoch won the tour twice. The Austrian is the closest pursuer of Lanišek in the fight for third place in the World Cup standings.

“We want to crown the season in the flights in Planica. We still have some work to do. Anže is still chasing a ranking among the top three in the overall standings, we are chasing a place among the first three in the Nations Cup, but at the same time, of course, we need to repeat last year’s success at the final in Planica… Last year we set the bar very high,“he spoke about the challenges that still await him this winter in Planica a few days ago A hump.

After the tour Raw Air jumpers are waiting for Lahti and then the traditional end of the season in Planica. They are last year eagles at the airport of the Gorišek brothers, they shone. They took the first four places in Friday’s race, got a team test, and Peter Prevc was also on the podium on Sunday. At the same time, Zajc got a total of Planica 7, and Jelar got a small crystal globe in flight.

Jumpers will be tested in flights for the first time in Vikersund.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Skupno, po 21 tekmah od 26: 
 1. E. PINKELNIG  AVT             1482
 2. K. ALTHAUS    NEM             1202
 3. A. O. STROEM  NOR             1030
 4. E. KLINEC     SLO              975
 5. S. FREITAG    NEM              723
 6. C. KREUZER    AVT              665
 7. S. OPSETH     NOR              634
 8. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO              602
19. N. PREVC      SLO              304
20. U. BOGATAJ    SLO              249
33. M. VTIČ       SLO              107
37. K. KOMAR      SLO               82
44. A. KOŠNJEK    SLO               18
61. N. VETRIH     SLO                1

The Raw Tour Air will start on Friday at Holmenkolln with qualifications that also go into the general classification of the special competition. There will be individual matches in Oslo on Saturday and Sunday. Then there will be a move to Lillehammer, where the show jumpers will have completed the tour, and the show jumpers will also perform in Vikersund. The girls will also fly at the Norwegian airport, the best 15 overall – the match will not count for World Cup points otherwise – will go down after Vikkersundbakken.

In the team Zoran Zupančič for Norway and later Lahti, there are five from the home world championship, Emma Klinec, Nika Križnar, Nika Prevc, Maja Vtic and Katra Komar. Nika Križnar defends the overall victory on the tour. Before that, she was twice the best domestic player the trump card Maren Lundby. In the overall standings of the World Cup, the Slovenian Ema Klinec is the highest ranked with five games to go, who is fourth, but has a good chance of finishing the winter in the top three.

Source: Rtvslo

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