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FAS coach: “We’re not lacking in guts and heart. We have to mature as a team”



Ecuador’s Octavio Zambrano, coach of CD FAS, commented on the tough defeat against Alianza FC at Oscar Quiteño stadium on matchday 9 of Clausura 2023the strategist said, “We’re not that ragged, but we didn’t lack the guts, the heart, the desire to win, towards the Alliance if we needed to mature as a team, but if we did mature, it would take time.” Please do not manage ‘.

Zambrano spoke about the sending off of Wilma Torres in the 35th minute of the first half. “Obviously, Willman’s departure changed the script, but it shouldn’t have changed until he conceded the second goal. It’s a decision he had control over. Going to the dressing room with 0-1 is 0-2. It’s different from going by,” he commented.

“We are at the same or similar tipping point as last semester when we went to Cuscatlan, we lost a player in the first half, but from that game we all knew we could win. Ultimately, it’s us. is thinking right now it’s a setback I’m more confident than ever that these things happen but when the moment of truth comes we will be there and trying to beat It’s added FAS coach

Ocelot’s helmsman Frustrated reaction from Santa Neko fans who were insulted as they left the Quiteño stadium after the match.

“Fans have, had and will always have the right to say what they want. Find out what happened and draw conclusions from it, because you don’t get overwhelmed with emotions,” Zambrano said.

“I don’t want it to sound like an excuse. He added that it was due to lack of maturity to lack of desire.

Octavio Zambrano believes they are aiming for another title“We’re aiming for two championships. This team is at a turning point. In your mind, when we meet again, you know it’s not the same script. , they are lessons, they are battles, but the war is about to begin,” the Ecuadorian concluded.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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