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They find a lost dog that broke into ‘Cusca’ at Alianza Philadelphia



The story of the dog, which went viral as he entered the Cuscatlan Stadium during a match between Alianza and the Philadelphia Union’s Conca Champions, continued from that moment onwards. One of its owners turned to social networks for help in finding a lost pet, and their efforts finally paid off.

A dog named ‘Santiago’ worried owner Carla Hernandezno news until he learned on his Twitter account that a day before the Conca Champions match, a dog ran away from his house around the Cuscatlan stadium and he was seen during the game last Tuesday. I didn’t.

Hernandez ‘Santi’, a dog rescued from the street, commented that he’s already recovered from the vaccine prescribed by his veterinarian“He is very gentle, obedient, sweet and sleepy. Here all the workers like him very much and want to have him again.”

Several members of Alianza FC tried to find him, but in the end the “La Tribu FM” program found a vendor at the Cuscatlan stadium. She said on the phone that she has “Santi” and commented on how she found the dog she was caring for in a “La Corocha” post.

“Santiago went to my post. He got into my car because he was cold. I had a hard time leaving him. I’m in the beer business here, so I We fed him, put out an announcement about who can adopt him, put it up on Alianza.The page they put him in says he’s sick, but he’s vaccinated.” said a vendor at the Cuscatlan stadium.

Furthermore, the seller gave Santiago the ball, but she “broken it,” he said. Said.

The owner of “Santi” has released a photo of him picking up his dog who was wrapped in a blanket and being held.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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