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Tony Estanguet on ticket sales for the Paris 2024 Olympics



The first phase of sales was successful. We understand the dissatisfaction and anger of some. The second part of the sale will offer fans the opportunity to purchase a priceless lifetime experience. It will be expensive because it will be something special. It will be a spectacle in an extraordinary city.

Organizers of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have announced that they have so far sold a third of all tickets for the competition, or 3.25 million. But at the same time, they face criticism for selling ticket packages and high prices. Head of the organizing committee, former excellent canoeist, Tony Estanguet when revealing the figures on ticket sales, he also defended the sales model, which is criticized in France for its high prices.

In the first part of the sale, only tickets were available in packages, when fans had to buy tickets for at least three different branches. The average price was 300 euros, so for a family of four, the cost easily exceeded a thousand euros, writes AFP. In the second phase of sales, which will start on May 11, it will also be possible to buy individual tickets. In terms of prices, however, the ratios will not change significantly, as more desirable competitions, such as basketball finals and athletics, will also be available at that time.

Ticket prices for the basketball final range from 80 to 980 euros. Tickets for both opening and closing ceremonies, as well as those for the final athletic competitions, are among the most sought after. The price range of athletics tickets is between 125 and 980 euros. Despite the high prices, they expect a lot of interest, so those who want to buy them will have until April 20 to sign up for a list, from which buyers will then be drawn for 1.5 million tickets.

The most expensive tickets will be those for the opening ceremony, which will be held on the Seine River in Paris. Fans will have to pay 2,700 euros for the best seats on the waterfront with an unspoilt view of the action. As AFP adds, they defend themselves in Paris that their ticket prices are comparable to those in London 2012, taking inflation into account. They were cheaper in Rio 2016, but more expensive in Tokyo 2020, but fans could not even use them due to corona restrictions.

Source: Rtvslo

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