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Video of Piqué refusing to give up his seat to Barça player’s girlfriend goes viral



Here he is not going to sit and do what he wants. In this plan, Gerard Piqué appeared in a viral video of her with Frenkiede’s Yong girlfriend and resurfaced on her social network just on International Women’s Day. The former footballer’s criticism of the way he reacted when Barcelona’s then-teammates asked for space for his partner.

It should be clarified that this video is from 2019, when Dutchman De Jong recently signed for Barça. With his girlfriend at the inauguration of the Johan Cruyff Stadium in the club’s Ciudad Deportiva, Frenkie arrived at the area designated for footballers and their families, but was treated rudely by Piquet when he asked for a place for his partner.

The Catalan defender at the time waved in the air and shouted disapproval when asked to move so that De Jong and his girlfriend could sit down. With a nervous, awkward smile, the Dutchman didn’t know what to do. The video ends with Frenkie’s partner sitting in another row because Piquet didn’t want to move.

Interestingly, the video reappeared on March 8 to mark International Women’s Day.and is supposed to attack Gerald for his arrogant behavior towards women.

Additionally, many users are congratulating Shakira for kicking out the footballer and taking over the issue from her current sentimental partner, Clara Chia.

As already mentioned, Piquet was heavily criticized for his behavior, which they described as “arrogant and macho”. Some defended the defender by stating that this area was for players only and didn’t need to be removed, but most of the comments attacked him for being rude.

“Poor Frenkie, he didn’t know what to do with this man.”

“Pique fell on his head when they gave birth to him, how should a woman be treated”.

“How wonderful Shakira got rid of this bad guy that Clara Chia is suffering from.”

“You can see how macho Pique is. Look at how he makes scenes of slapping his hands and not wanting to give women a place.”

Who is Frenkie De Jong’s Girlfriend?

Her name is Mikky Kiemeney. She is a model and influencer from the Netherlands who has been dating Frenkie de Jong for over 7 years. On her Instagram she has 1.5 million followers and her photos are mostly of model clothes, her partner and sporting her attending her events and social events. She is currently engaged to be a football player and model.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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