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Polona Klemenčič in the World Cup for the first time among the ten; Tršan and Dovžan to points



Dollu singles match in Östersund

Östersund in Sweden is the penultimate biathlon stop of the World Cup this season. In the women’s singles match, Italy celebrated a double victory. Polona Klemenčič was 10th.

Dorothea Wierer beat her by 25.5 seconds in the Italian match Lisa Vitozzi. Both hit all 20 targets. The third one was with one missed shot and as a result a minute was added to the German Denise Herrmann Wick (+1:38.8).

Polona Klemenčič she missed two shots, one shot each in the first and third stops. She was barely three minutes behind the winner and achieved the best ranking in the World Cup. She was only higher at the World Championships, when she finished eighth.

“I’m satisfied with today’s match. I made one mistake in the first layup and then the same mistake in the second layup stop. Two missed shots, but I’m very happy with zero standing. I’m very happy that I got into the top 10, and with that I have also ensured myself an appearance in the race with a group start on Sunday,” said Klemenčič after today’s match.

Anamarija Lampič she left six targets uncovered, was inaccurate lying down once and standing up five times. She ranked 61st with a gap of 6:53.7.

German Benedikt Doll scored the victory in the absence of three of the four best biathletes of this season.  It was the fourth celebration in singles matches and the first this season.  He stood on the podium on December 15 last year in Annecy.  Photo: EPA

Doll to victory in the absence of the top threeThe men’s 20 km event was won by a German Benedict Dollthe other was Italian Tommaso Giacomeland the third Norwegian Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen.

The Slovenian race had three competitors at the start, after he canceled the race due to illness Alex Caesar.

Rok Tršan was well on his way to a career best after three shots. He got to the final shootout with a zero, but missed the last shot there. In the end, he won 31st place for the first points of the season with a gap of 4:59.7 minutes.

“Today was a good performance on the range, but at the end, unfortunately, that last shot. I sent it a little too fast and it was missed. I ran at a comfortable pace on the track all the time, as we agreed with the coach before the match. In the last lap, I gave our best. Today’s result is more important for the team because we are chasing the tenth place in the Nations Cup. This will give the competitors the opportunity to compete with five competitors next season. This is our main goal until the end.” said Tršan after performing for the Skiing Association of Slovenia (SZS).

He was also on his way to the best achievement of the season Miha Dovžanwho after three shootings without a mistake was still in a high 13th place, but at the last shooting stop he left two targets uncovered for the final 34th place (+5:08.1).

“Today was a good result until the last shoot, but there everything went upside down. Even before the performance, I somehow felt that it would not work and then I missed two, which is too much for these conditions. A good result was indeed promised, but I didn’t take advantage,” however, Dovžan said for SZS.

The third Slovenian representative Anton Vidmar was 72nd with six shooting faults at the end with a gap of 9:23.2 minutes.

On Saturday, there will be relay races, and on Sunday there will be races with a group start.

Posamično (Ž), 20 km:               * 
 1. D. WIERER          ITA 41:19,6 (0)
 2. L. VITTOZZI        ITA  +:25,5 (0)
 3. D. HERRMANN WICK   NEM  1:38,8 (1)
 4. J. SIMON           FRA  1:49,5 (2)
 5. E. LUNDER          KAN  2:11,9 (0)
10. P. KLEMENČIČ       SLO  2:53,5 (2)
61. A. LAMPIČ          SLO  6:53,7 (6)
  * - zgrešeni streli/kazenske minute 

Ženske (17/21):                        
  1. J. SIMON           FRA    943 točk
  2. L. VITTOZZI        ITA    795     
  3. D. WIERER          ŠVE    769     
 31. P. KLEMENČIČ       SLO    156     
 45. A. LAMPIČ          SLO     91     

Posamično (M), 20 km:               *  
 1. B. DOLL            NEM 48:43,4 (0) 
 2. T. GIACOMEL        ITA +1:09,1 (1) 
 3. V. S. CHRISTIANSEN NOR  1:11,5 (1) 
 4. R. REES            NEM  2:02,1 (1) 
 5. S. STALDER         ŠVI  2:23,1 (1) 
 6. M. PONSILUOMA      ŠVE  2:28,9 (2) 
31. R. TRŠAN           SLO  4:59,7 (1) 
34. M. DOVŽAN          SLO  5:08,1 (2) 
72. A. VIDMAR          SLO  9:23,2 (6) 
  * - zgrešeni streli/kazenske minute  

Moški (17/21):                         
  1. J. T. BOE          NOR   1319 točk
  2. S. H. LAEGREID     NOR    920     
  3. V. S. CHRISTIANSEN NOR    742     
 19. J. FAK             SLO    326     
 46. M. DOVŽAN          SLO     70     
 47. A. CISAR           SLO     69     
 59. A. VIDMAR          SLO     37     
 79. R. TRŠAN           SLO     10     
 80. L. PLANKO          SLO     10     

Source: Rtvslo

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