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Roma beat Real Sociedad to score their first series goal



Roma beat Real Sociedad in the Europa League / AFP

Roma beat Real Sociedad in the Europa League / AFP

Real Sociedad lost to AS Roma (2-0) in the first leg of the Europa League Round of 16 at the Stadio Olimpico on Thursday. Shaarawi’s goal in the first half and Cambulla’s goal at the end of the match.

Students at Imanol Alguacil have not experienced the best moments of the course. The first half of the season was always at a very high level, allowing us to move up the Champions League standings and move forward as top of the Europa League group, but only managed one win in eight games between all competitions, leaving the team behind. is in a slump. .

The ‘txuri-urdin’ team will use the competition to change course after a strong performance against Jose Mourinho’s side, who once again made their home fortress, winning eight of their last nine games. could not. In the 88th minute, when Real were conceding a minimal defeat in the second leg, the Italian’s goal signed a verdict of clash.

Thus, at the Stadio Olimpico stage fright was not a problem for Real Sociedad, who had a clear idea from the beginning. Midfield David He Silva and Mikel Merino’s personalities were enough to dominate the game and impose their style early on. But in a prime moment for the San Sebastián team, Paulo Dybala’s counter shot gave Tammy Abraham a cross at the far post and El Shaarawy didn’t miss it.

It was a huge blow to Immanor Alguacil’s side, who had not lost face in the match despite the downside. Kubo started to attack, giving the Basque team an escape, but moments later the Japanese himself shot into the post. Football continued to be a ‘txuri-urdines’ thing, but the Italian team knew how to keep an income in the first division.

After rebooting the script remained the same. Real Sociedad tried to take control but it didn’t bother Roma who knew how to wait on their field. Diego Rico attempted a shot from distance, but it was the newly built-in Belotti who had the clearest chance so far as he touched Remiro and hit the crossbar.

Oyarzabal’s arrival revived Real’s attacking side, but Jose Mourinho’s team armed themselves with defense to block any dangerous approach. Mikel Merino scored the equalizer almost in the closing minutes, but when left alone against the Portuguese goalkeeper, the Navarre’s lack of success saw Roma look at the door again on the next play Basque team.

This time it was Italian footballer Marache Cumbulla who scored Roma’s second goal by unmarking himself with a spectacular shot after turning a corner kick into the far post. Complicating the tie for Real was an inability to close the gap in the final minute before the enthusiasm of Rome’s Coliseum, who did the rest on their own.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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