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‘That’s it, that’s it’: Thief tried to rob young man who turned out to be a mixed martial arts fighter



A martial artist subdues a criminal in Cordoba, Argentina, saving him from being robbed. The thief eventually begged him not to hit him.

In Cordoba, Argentina, a criminal tried to steal a motorcycle from a mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete, only to be bogged down by the would-be robbery victim.

Thieves were reduced to the point that the athlete called the police and took them into custody.

The culprit tried to stop the player’s motorcycle from leaving the gym. When he met a martial arts expert, everything went wrong.

In the viral video, the fighter is seen performing a target-holding combat maneuver. She grabbed him around his neck with her left arm and held him down while locking his legs.

“No, you bastard. You ruined us. Who are you going to take from?” said the man who tied him up. The young perpetrator asked for mercy, “That’s it, that’s it.” One of the athlete’s fellows replied, “That’s it, you wanted to steal from him, brother.”

Athlete Emiliano Sordi shared the image through his Twitter account. “They were trying to steal a motorcycle from a colleague in Argentina. They had the knowledge of combat, so they didn’t have to attack it or let it go to control it,” he explained.

Source: Biobiochile

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