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Shiffrin equaled Stenmark’s record at the venue where she won for the first time



Ana Bucik took 17th place

Mikaela Shiffrin was the best in the giant slalom in Are. With this, the exceptional American confirmed the small crystal globe, and with the 86th victory of her career in the World Cup, she equaled Ingemar Stenmark’s record.

Second place was taken by the Italian Federica Brignone with the best time of the second run, who gained two places in the final, but was 64 hundredths behind the American. Sara Hector was 92 hundredths behind the third. The Swede swung onto the podium from sixth place after the first run.

Končni vrstni red:                     
 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA     1:54,64
 2. F. BRIGNONE         ITA     1:55,28
 3. S. HECTOR           ŠVE     1:55,56
 4. P. VLHOVA           SLK     1:56,06
 5. T. WORLEY           FRA     1:56,42
 6. V. GRENIER          KAN     1:56,44
 7. A. ROBINSON         NZL     1:56,61
 8. T. STJERNESUND      NOR     1:56,75
 9. M. GASIENICA-DANIEL POL     1:56,78
  . S. BRUNNER          AVT     1:56,78
17. A. BUCIK            SLO     1:57,36
Brez finala:                           
35. N. DVORNIK          SLO            
Odstop: Gut-Behrami, Gritsch ...       

The world champion in giant slalom equaled the Swedish ace’s record at the venue where she climbed to the top step for the first time in her career. On December 20, 2012, she won the slalom in Are. She won for the fifth time in her career on this Swedish ski resort, and for the first time she succeeded in the giant slalom. In this discipline, she achieved the 20th victory of her career and with it confirmed the conquest of the small crystal globe.

Brignone’s 55th career podium finish

The 27-year-old American paved the way to a historic victory with an exceptional first run, skiing extremely fast and without mistakes. She gained 58 hundredths ahead of the Canadian Valerie Grenier, who after a worse second run took the final sixth place, and less than a second behind on the first track was only the Austrian Franziska Gritsch, who did not complete the second set-up.

Brignone, who was already satisfied after the first run, attacked violently in the final. She skied excellently and was 19 percent faster than her competitors in the second position. Shiffrin tackled the second course more cautiously, in the upper part she almost lost half of the advantage she had before the Italian, and then she stepped up a bit in the lower part and reached the finish line with a lead of 64 hundredths. Brignone took the podium for the 55th time in her career.

Po prvi vožnji:                        
 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA       55,16
 2. V. GRENIER          KAN       +0,58
 3. F. GRITSCH          AVT        0,93
 4. F. BRIGNONE         ITA        1,04
 5. M. GASIENICA-DANIEL POL        1,08
 6. S. HECTOR           ŠVE        1,13
 7. T. STJERNESUND      NOR        1,16
 8. W. HOLDENER         ŠVI        1,45
 9. T. WORLEY           FRA        1,52
10. P. VLHOVA           SLK        1,60
11. E. ALPHAND          ŠVE        1,63
12. M. BASSINO          ITA        1,73
13. C. FRASSE SOMBET    FRA        1,86
14. A. BUCIK            SLO        1,88
35. N. DVORNIK          SLO        3,33
Odstop: Gut-Behrami, Holtmann ...      

Bucik took 17th place

Points went to Ana Bucik in 17th place, who was 2.72 seconds slower than the winner. In the first run, she set the 14th time, but in the final she lost a bit. Neja Dvornik was too slow to break into the second run. She took 35th place.

“I made history.”

“The biggest achievement is being named in the same sentence as Ingemar Stenmark. But as I’ve said several times, I don’t worry too much about records. Today I was more interested in the small crystal globe. If someone gave me a choice between taking the crystal globe or the record , I would choose the globe,” Shiffrin said in an interview for Austrian television, but later she also showed some excitement about the record: “Of course I’m proud, it’s a fantastic day, I made history.”

Shiffrin can already overtake Stenmark on Saturday

On Saturday, there will be a slalom in Are, where Shiffrin will have a good chance to overtake the legendary Swede. This year, the American already won the small crystal globe, which she managed for the seventh time in her career, otherwise she has 52 victories in this discipline.

Are is the last stop of the World Cup before the final in Soldeu. Shiffrin has an elusive advantage in the battle for the great crystal globe. She won the World Cup overall for the second time in a row and the fifth time in her career.

Skupni seštevek (33/38):               
  1. M. SHIFFRIN        ZDA        1928
  2. P. VLHOVA          SLK        1025
  3. L. GUT-BEHRAMI     ŠVI        1027
  4. F. BRIGNONE        ITA         939
  5. S. GOGGIA          ITA         800
  6. R. MOWINCKEL       NOR         790
  7. W. HOLDENER        ŠVI         715
  8. M. BASSINO         ITA         677
  9. E. CURTONI         ITA         640
 10. S. HECTOR          ŠVE         566
 11. I. ŠTUHEC          SLO         502
 20. A. BUCIK           SLO         376
 59. N. DVORNIK         SLO          86
121. T. ROBNIK          SLO           2
Veleslalom (9/10):                     
 1. M. SHIFFRIN         ZDA         700
 2. P. VLHOVA           SLK         486
 3. L. GUT-BEHRAMI      ŠVI         482
 4. F. BRIGNONE         ITA         476
 5. M. BASSINO          ITA         475
 6. S. HECTOR           ŠVE         393
 7. T. WORLEY           FRA         304
 8. V. GRENIER          KAN         294
 9. R. MOWINCKEL        NOR         282
10. P. MOLTZAN          ZDA         193
14. A. BUCIK            SLO         146
38. N. DVORNIK          SLO          22
49. T. ROBNIK           SLO           2

Source: Rtvslo

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