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FESFUT refuses to pay food to FAS for game reserve suspension



The Disciplinary Commission of the El Salvador Football Federation (FESFUT) has announced that it will withdraw the request of the CD FAS. Reimbursement of food and transportation costs after the Tigrilo team’s reserve match against Santa Tecla, scheduled for February 26th, was interrupted.

Day 7’s matches in the reserve category were suspended after local team Santa Tecla FC failed to guarantee the necessary security measures for the development of the game, according to the FAS.

In a statement, the Disciplinary Commission said: “FAS has determined that the Commission will not be held accountable for the payment of snacks, meals, and transportation expenses incurred by this property for the Reserve Games scheduled for Sunday, February 26, 2020. We make sure we have the rules,” he said.

“The commission knows that the requirements for ensuring security in the various stadiums where sporting events are held are made by La Liga (the first division of professional football), not by each team. Security The local team of ”, published FESFUT.

In view of this, the Disciplinary Commission resolved that: As a result, the resolution of February 28, 2018 is considered to be extended. And the memo dated March 6, 2023 declares that what the FAS requested has not been done. ”

The commission, chaired by Carlos Urbina, argued that it was not the responsibility of the local team (Santa Tecla) to coordinate the assistance of the Security Forces (PNC), but rather the 1st Division.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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