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Jaime Pizarro’s return to politics: ‘Kiser’ arrives in Mindep with Boric after past with Bachelet



Former ColoColo player Jaime Pizarro is back in politics after his first stint as Undersecretary of Sports, spending two years (2007-2009) under Michelle Bachelet.

For these times cabinet change In a government headed by Gabriel Boric, sports world because Jaime Pizarro was one of the protagonists of the renovation minister Accompany the head of state during his mission.

Jaime Pizarro, who has always been associated with the sport, took over the new helm. Ministry to boost this sector of government, growth and recognition Not just the number of athletes in the country, but the infrastructure found on the land.

With the remodeling directly connected to national sports, the current former minister Alexandra Benado leaves giving way “Kaiser” re-entered national politics after his first period as undersecretary of sports at the mandate of Michelle Bachelet.

Pissarro’s first position in government

Precisely in its first period as a government agency (2007-2009), Pissarro was a great promoter of national sport country and different field Something that is contested on the territory of a country.

In one of his most famous jobs, the former player 4 stadium accommodate the U-20 Women’s World Cup Played in Chile.

As well, we did some very positive things like being able to host together. Argentina for the 2009 and 2010 Dakar Rally ,and 2014 South American Games.

On the other hand, he Barbara Riveros, Christel Köbrich, Thomas Gonzales, etc. in addition to leaving a message for each sports federation Improve management of each area.

Undersecretary of Sports Resigns

Already on November 17, 2009, he resigned his post. Undersecretary of Portfolio and dedicated sports his recognized career led him to participate in various directives of the national team over the years.

When resigning at that time, Sports activities are my desire , is my problem.We’ll see how that can be done, but I think sometimes it’s necessary make a decision That’s why I make the same analysis, when I was put in this position, I quit all activities, one is playing an option.”

“And now my hope is to get back on track. sports activities inserting itself into the area I know best, I look forward to future developments ‘, he then handed down the sentence.

Jaime Pizarro’s final steps in the national sport

One of the last positions he held was balne chair In 2021 he unfortunately had a terrible campaign. Set “Waikocello”.

now he is part of government but in a higher position than he had more than a decade ago, he arrives to give the sporting field a strong boost. Gabriel Bolick

One of the main goals of the former midfielder is to pay attention to: Infrastructure for various venues in Chile not only football, but various disciplines that are competed on the national territory.

In addition to the big goals he has Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Seeking to be the venue for world cup 2030

Source: Biobiochile

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