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At 11:15 a.m. the broadcast of the qualifications from Oslo on MMC TV



At 2:15 p.m., the start of the ski jumper competition

After Anže Laniška’s victory on Saturday, there will be another race of ski jumpers at the famous Holmenkollen. At 11:15, the qualifications will start. prologue for the Nordic tour. Transfer to MMC TV! The match itself will start at 16:30 (TV SLO 2).

On MMC TV, you will be able to watch the qualifications for the 25th individual competition of jumpers in the 2022/23 season. On a Nordic tour Raw Air” the results of the qualifiers also count in the total, which makes the warm-up before the match even more powerful.

After Saturday’s convincing victory, fourth of the season and fifth of his career, he leads Anže Lanišek. Six Slovenians are among the 61 jumpers from 16 countries: along with Laniško, Rok Masle, Lovro Kos, Domen Prevc, Žiga Jelar and Timi Zajc. In the total of the tour after 2 from as many as 12 competition Lanišek leads by 2.5 points ahead of Austrian Stefan Kraft.

The first series of Sunday’s match against Oslo will start at 16:30, live broadcast on TV Slovenija 2.

Before that, they will be with their match on Holmenkolln performed by ski jumpers. Since there are only 48 jumpers from 14 countries on the starting list, it will really start at 2.15 pm with the first series. Also broadcast on TV SLO 2. Among the performers are five Slovenian women: Katra Komar, Maja Vtič, Nika Prevc, Nika Križnar and the runner-up on Saturday Ema Klinec, who otherwise leads the Nordic tour with an advantage of 8.7 points over the Norwegian Anna Odine Strom.


NORWAY TOUR, Oslo, Sunday match

Qualifications, today at 11:15 a.m.:

Source: Rtvslo

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