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Giant slalom final: Meillard leads, Kranjec attacks from 5th place



After the first run, Odermatt led, Kranjec fifth, Hadalin resigned

The second part of this year’s 62nd Vitranc Cup is taking place at the training ground in Podkoren. After the first race, the best alpine skier of the winter, Marco Odermatt, leads again, with Žan Kranjec 94 hundredths behind. Broadcast on TV SLO 2/MMC and Valu 202.

At the start of the ninth men’s giant slalom of the Alpine Skiing World Cup, there are 62 competitors from 21 countries, including three Slovenians. Live broadcast on TV Slovenija 2/MMC and Wave 202.

With number 1, he opened the second Kranjska Gora giant slalom Alexis Pinturault, who was behind only Marc Odermatt on Saturday. The Frenchman took advantage of the best conditions, but what if the Swiss was again the best in the lower part and took the lead by 28 hundredths.

Fifth at the finish line of the first run

Žan Kranjec he didn’t start the fastest with number 7, but he skied the second and third sections as the leading two, losing almost half a second due to a mistake on the finish slope. Upon arrival at the finish line, Kranjec took 5th place with a gap of 94 hundredths behind Odermatt.

On the demanding and slower layout than the first giant slalom, no one overtook the 30-year-old from Bukovica pri Vodice.

At the Saturday evening draw in Kranjska Gora, Žan Kranjec got number seven, or last among the elite seven giant slalomers.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

“The place is solid, maybe I would have liked a little less gap behind the first three, but the ride was not bad, especially the middle part I think was quite good, the first and last maybe some parts were not the best. In general, it was not bad run, but I hope to add something in the second run to find some extra speed compared to yesterday’s race.” said Kranjec after the first ride and added: “The snow is a little less responsive, you can definitely tell that there was already quite a bit of salt on the track, that the track is essentially the same, that a large crystal has appeared and that the so-called dead snow has formed.”

On Saturday, Kranjec was second after the first run, but in the end he equaled his best ranking on the Podkoren track with 5th place. The best Slovenian alpine skier defends overall third place in the overall discipline.

Hadalin after resignation: “Turbulent season”

Out of 62 skiers, only 40 competitors completed the first run. Stefan Hadalin, who set the fastest time in the final on Saturday, this time resigned before the first intermediate time. With Saturday’s 17th place and Sunday’s retirement, the 27-year-old Vrhničan ends this year’s World Cup season.

“I knew it would be a completely different race, given the snow conditions, and in those snow conditions, I don’t have the optimal settings to suit me on more aggressive snow,” Hadalin was dissatisfied after his resignation. “Behind me is a turbulent season, many ups and downs. We will have to think about what and how to proceed. Competitive skiing is very demanding, and we will see,” Hadalin looked ahead, but also confirmed that he will still compete in FIS competitions, especially in slalom, in order to improve his starting point for the coming season.

A third Slovenian also resigned Ange Gartnerwho entered as the penultimate with number 61 and made a fatal mistake in the second section.

Crystal globe officially in the hands of Odermatt?

Marco Odermatt with 14 points, he will officially confirm his second consecutive victory in the World Cup total, and at the same time he can also win the small crystal globe in the giant slalom total. This also depends on the performance of Henrik Kristoffersen, who is 140 points behind.


KRANJSKA GORA, Sunday giant slalom

Second ride at 12:30 p.m.:

After the first ride:

 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI     1:12,16 
 2. A. PINTURAULT      FRA       +0,28 
 3. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR        0,47 
 4. L. BRAATHEN        NOR        0,82 
 5. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO        0,94 
 6. F. DELLA VITE      ITA        1,11 
 7  L. DE ALIPRANDINI  ITA        1,66 
  . M. SCHWARZ         AVT        1,66 
 9. F. ZUBČIĆ          HRV        2,04 
10. G. CAVIEZEL        ŠVI        2,21 
11. R. RADAMUS         ZDA        2,38 
12. R. WINDINGSTAD     NOR        2,60 
13. H. ZINGERLE        ITA        2,95 
18. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI        3,28 
Odstop: Hadalin, Brennsteiner, Steen   
Olsen, Borsotti, Gartner.              

Source: Rtvslo

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