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Ema Klinec fulfilled her dream by winning at Holmenkollen



Nika Križnar took eighth place

After a series of second places – as many as seven this winter – Ema Klinec nevertheless jumped to the second victory of her career. The best was “in the Mecca of Nordic skiing”, at Holmenkollen, where she advanced from fifth place to the top in the final.

Second place was eventually taken by the winner of Saturday’s match, the Austrian Chiara Kreuzer, which was six points behind, and scored 6.6 points less than the winner Anna Odin Strom. The Norwegian won the qualifications, but also led after the first series, when she is in between virtual Emi Klinec took the lead in the total Raw Air tours. Now, Norica Žiri is the best member of SSK in this ranking. Before Strom has a 9.4 point advantage, Kreuzer and is 16.9 points behind. Klinec advanced to third place in the World Cup overall. Here, too, is her main rival Stromwhich is only five points behind with three games to go.

Končni vrstni red:      daljave   točke
 1. E. KLINEC     SLO 125,0/134,6 238,2
 2. C. KREUZER    AVT 126,0/122,0 232,2
 3. A. O. STROEM  NOR 127,5/120,0 231,6
 4. S. FREITAG    NEM 125,0/123,5 227,5
 5. K. ALTHAUS    NEM 123,5/133,0 224,5
 6. A. STRATE     KAN 124,0/119,0 220,1
 7. M. LUNDBY     NOR 118,5/121,5 215,0
 8. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO 117,0/122,0 213,9
 9. N. MARUJAMA   JAP 123,5/121,0 211,9
10. A. LOUTITT    KAN 116,0/126,5 211,5
23. N. PREVC      SLO 114,0/112,5 181,5
27. M. VTIČ       SLO 109,5/110,5 167,9
Brez finala:                           
36. K. KOMAR      SLO   101,0      67,3

Klinec took care of the first victory of the Slovenian jumpers this winter, otherwise the 12th so far. The 24-year-old competitor from Poljana nad Škofja Loka is in exceptional shape. She already got off to a great start in Oslo on Friday when she won the qualifiers. She continued with second place on Saturday, then was also second in Sunday’s qualifications, and she put the finishing touches with a magnificent final jump and victory on the cult Norwegian device.

“The first jump was good. I made a small mistake because I was a little late. In the second I was just focused on the execution. Crazy jump! I finally succeeded in the competition. I’ve been waiting for that jump all season. Another victory and this on the famous Holmenkolln. Fulfilling one career dream,Klinec told TV Slovenija, adding about the extraordinary second jump:I knew it was mountain climber and that I can concretely “cut”. I did that and really enjoyed the jump.”

Po prvi seriji:         daljave   točke
 1. A. O. STROEM  NOR   127,5     123,1
 2. C. KREUZER    AVT   126,0     115,4
 3. J. ITO        JAP   124,0     115,1
 4. K. ALTHAUS    NEM   123,5     114,2
 5. E. KLINEC     SLO   125,0     114,0
 6. S. FREITAG    NEM   125,0     112,7
 7. A. STRATE     KAN   124,0     112,0
 8. N. MARUJAMA   JAP   123,5     111,4
 9. M. LUNDBY     NOR   118,5     107,0
10. E. PINKELNIG  AVT   121,5     106,0
11. A. RUPPRECHT  NEM   118,5     102,9
12. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO   117,0     102,6
18. N. PREVC      SLO   114,0      98,1
29. M. VTIČ       SLO   109,5      80,4
36. K. KOMAR      SLO   101,0      67,3

After the first series, Klinec was fifth with 125.0 m. The gap behind the winner was a good nine points, but already on Saturday, the currently best Slovenian jumper gained a lot in second place. In the final, she took advantage of the excellent conditions this time. She jumped right 134.5 m and then took the lead with a large advantage. The jury immediately lowered the bar after her appearance. A German woman appeared after her Katharina Althauswho was a meter and a half shorter, but the winner of three gold medals at the World Championships in Planica could not stand on her feet and fell.

This was followed by the lowering of the runway by two places. The Japanese woman was the first to fall behind Yuki Itothen some more Kreuzerwhich is after 126.0 mv from the first series to the second was able to 122.0 m, Strom – her first jump measured 127.5 m – but in the final she landed at 120.0 m, right of course, it was not enough for Ema Klinec’s extraordinary attempt. After November 2021, when she won in Low To Tagilso she jumped to the top step again.

Nika Križnar, who won the Norwegian tour last year, gained four places in the final and was eighth. They won another 23 points. Nika Prevc and the 27th. Maja Vticbut without a final, she remained in 36th place Katra Komar. The jumpers are now moving to Lillehammer, where the Raw Air tour will also end. The first match is already waiting for them on Monday, and the second will be on Wednesday. At the end of the trip to Norway, a treat with the first game in the summer. The top 15 female jumpers will compete in Vikersund, and the trial will not count for World Cup points. The show jumpers will end the season in Lahti.

Turneja Raw Air (4/9):                
 1. E. KLINEC     SLO            783,3
 2. A. O. STROEM  NOR            728,9
 3. C. KREUZER    AVT            721,4
 4. S. FREITAG    NEM            700,7
 5. K. ALTHAUS    NEM            699,5
11. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO            651,4
14. N. PREVC      SLO            621,7
33. M. VTIČ       SLO            386,7
37. K. KOMAR      SLO            326,5
Svetovni pokal (23/26):               
 1. E. PINKELNIG  AVT             1528
 2. K. ALTHAUS    NEM             1292
 3. E. KLINEC     SLO             1155
 4. A. O. STROEM  NOR             1150
 5. C. KREUZER    AVT              845
 6. S. FREITAG    NEM              813
 7. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO              660
19. N. PREVC      SLO              332
20. U. BOGATAJ    SLO              249
33. M. VTIČ       SLO              111
37. K. KOMAR      SLO               82
45. A. KOŠNJEK    SLO               18
62. N. VETRIH     SLO                1

Source: Rtvslo

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