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Thomas Granit: ‘El Salvador is or must be in the next World Cup’



Tomas Granitto, All Boys Player of the Argentine Second Division / Tomas Granitto

Tomas Granitto, All Boys Player of the Argentine Second Division / Tomas Granitto

Tomas Granitto said in an interview that El Salvador New qualifying format for 2026 World Cup should be ‘yes or yes’ for next World CupAt the same time, I assure you that preparations to achieve that objective must begin now.

“We have to keep in mind that El Salvador will or have to go to the World Cup. With the new format, three places are open and we have great options to go,” he declared. Did.

“Good job and From now on, it’s an achievable goal“, he added.

El Salvador’s legionnaires are Being able to play with the national team is like no other.

“It’s so great to be in the national team. The experience of being there and being able to represent the country. It’s something unique,” he affirmed.

Granite hopes to duel with the United States on March 27 in Orlando. Selectors have Salvadoran support to win.

“The game against the USA will be a great experience. A lot of Salvadorans will go to Orlando to support the team and that’s important to get the win,” he said.

Meanwhile, the All-Boys player from the Argentine Second Division said in an interview with “Fútbol de Centroamérica”: Cuscatlan Stadium’s playing field needs to be improved to develop high-level football.

“Cuscatlan is a beautiful and impressive stadium, but the pitch needs to be improved. Today, being the national stadium of the country, the pitch must be in good condition in order to develop high-level football. ‘ he said.

“The Salvadoran player is very technical and having a field in good condition helps him a lot,” he added.

The current Salvadoran legionnaire has his past national football and How was his stage after becoming champion in FAS?

“I had the opportunity to play with two great players in El Salvador. It was my first tournament with FAS and I won the championship after 11 years.

Salvadoran midfielders, in comparison A passion that lives in Argentina’s stadiums, along with what has lived in our country.

“The passions that live in each sector in Argentina are very similar to what is happening in El Salvador,” he said.

Finally, Granit said he wanted to demonstrate Argentine football where El Salvadoran footballers can play abroad.

“I want to show that Salvadorans can play football abroad and that we have the level to play abroad,” he said.

Thomas Granite is now Club Atlético All Boys in the second division of Argentina.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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