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Domžale in Stožice filled Olimpija’s net



Will it be +19 after the neighborly settlement in Ljubljana?

In the 26th round of the First Telemach League, Olimpija experienced its first defeat in Stožice this season. Domžale were better by as much as 4:1, after completely outplaying the announced dragons in the first half. Nevertheless, the people of Ljubljana still have a 16-point lead.

Olimpija is still successfully chasing the double crown, during the week it reached the quarter-finals of the Cup of Slovenia through Nafta. They have in the national championship green and white a huge point advantage over the pursuers, but on Sunday they ran into too high an obstacle.

Domžale remained undefeated in their fifth consecutive league match. It’s autumn dragons won both derbies of the Ljubljana basin: 3:2 in Ljubljana and 3:0 in Domžale. This time the story was quite different. Olimpija was completely announced in the first half, and Riera did not make a single substitution in the whole match.

Everything went according to plan for the guestsIn the first part, everything went according to plan for the guests. They quickly took the initiative and were also the first to string together some good chances, the first to try from a distance Free Wolf and Franko Kovačevićthen there is a goalkeeper Matevža Vidovška Kovačević tried another action, but Vidovšek was more successful in the 15th minute. The same players were also involved in the action in the 22nd minute, but then Kovačević was too fast, and Vidovšek brought him down in the penalty area. It was Kovačević who successfully took the penalty.

Vuk overtook the referee’s whistle for a breakThe visitors made it 2:0 after a quick and easy action in the 36th minute, when Kovačević made a precise pass from the left side of the penalty area in front of the goal, where he put the ball from about eight meters Žiga Repas saved in the goal. Already in the extra time of the first half, the guests struck for the third time. After an action on the right side along the back line of the field, the ball came in front of the goal, first Vuk shot Vidovšek, but the ball bounced back to him, so he just pushed it into the net.

Franko Kovačević was the hero of the meeting in Stožice.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Crnomarković’s goal was disallowedOlimpija had only two serious chances in the first half, the first one after a shot Sešlar’s entourage the visitors’ defense deflected the ball into the corner, but in the 39th minute he was dangerous after turning around Admir Bristrić, but the ball flew right next to the post. The start of the second half indicated that the home team would attack decisively. They started with a goal from a free kick, but a goal Đorđej Crnomarković with the head after the examination in the room for Var, due to the prohibited position, it did not apply. The home team continued the pressure, the goalkeeper from Domžale had much more work to do than in the first half Ajdin Mulalić.

They lasted until the endBut he limped in the 63rd minute, when after another free kick the ball was kicked Aljaž Krefla first it hit the living wall, but then it fell on the foot of Kvesić, who sent it into the net. But the residents of Domžal quickly cooled their local hopes. Already in the next action in the 66th minute, they skilfully outplayed the defense of the green and whites, Mirko Mutavćić passed in front of the goal, where Kovačević was accurate for the second time in the match. The 4:1 result also calmed Olympia’s attacks. The home team still had the advantage on the ground, but Mulalić and the Domžal defense did not give up until the end, so the people of Domžal enjoyed a great victory in the local derby. It was Olimpija’s first home defeat of the season.

Kalcer beat BravoRadomelj football players achieved an important victory in the fight to remain among the elite after defeating Bravo 3:1. In the first half, there was no sign of such a development. The guests were the better, more dangerous opponent, and in the 26th minute they took the lead after a shot Martin Kramarič clumsily or unhappily intervened Fire Gnjatić and beat his keeper. But after the action of the brothers Maria and Filip Čuić in the last moments of the first half, the latter took care of the equalizer, which later gave Radomlje an advantage, which they took advantage of on the field. First they hit the goal frame, then they also had some luck when it did David Flakus Bosilj came unimpeded into the penalty area, but shot past the near post, and in the playoffs, after a few missed half-chances, they managed to score.

Both goals were the result of passes from the right side, the first one was accurate in the 75th minute Ester Soklerand in the 85th minute he headed the final result Uroš Korun.

Round 26:

OLYMPIA – FOOLS 1:4 (0:3)1300; Kvesić 63.; Kovačević 25./11-m, 66., Repas 36., Vuk 45+2.

Olympia: Vidovšek, Ratnik, Crnomarković, Estrada, Sualehe, Krefl, Doffo, Elšnik, Kvesić, Sešlar, Bristrić.

Regrets: Mulalić, Mutavčić (69./Podlogar), Đurić, Kovačević (87./Hasanbegović), Repas (87./Fazlić), Nwankwo, Pišek (69./Markuš), Strajnar, Brecl, Vuk (77./Offenbacher), Husmans.

Judge: Rade Obrenović (Ljubljana)

KALCER RADOMLJE – BRAVO 3:1 (1:1) Čuić 45., Sokler 78., Korun 83.; Gnjatic 25./ag

Kalcer Radomlje: Velić, F. Čuić (75th/Pogačar), M. Čuić, Dobrovoljc, Gnjatić (46th/Nlandu), Hrvoj, Korun, Marković, Nuhanovič, Sokler (87th/Cerar), Zulić (46th/Sošić).

NK Bravo: Orbanič, Flakus Bosilj (82nd/Štor), Bušnja (79th/Marjanac), Jakšić, Katinić, Kavčič, Kramarič, Kurtović, Spanring, Svetlin (79th/Selan), Trdin (82nd/Kurež).

Judge: Mihael Antic (Koper)

Played on Friday:

GORICA – MURA 1:1 (0:0) 700; Stankovski 53.; Morris 80.

Played on Saturday:

MARIBOR – CB24 TABOR SEŽANA 1:1 (0:0) 2500; Šoštarič Karič 66.; Khali 59.

DILLER – CELJE 0:1 (0:0) 700; Ikwuemesi 86.


OLIMPIJA          26 19  3  4 48:26 60
MARIBOR           26 13  5  8 53:31 44
CELJE             26 12  8  6 37:30 44
DOMŽALE           26 11  9  6 40:30 42
MURA              26  9 11  6 37:31 38
KOPER             26 10  7  9 34:25 37
BRAVO             26  6  6 15 23:28 24
KALCER RADOMLJE   26  4 10 12 21:46 22
CB24 TABOR SEŽANA 26  3 11 12 24:52 20
GORICA            26  3 10 13 22:40 19

Source: Rtvslo

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