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Exactly the same: Carefree U fan entered Monumental’s Arvo division…he left amidst the debacle



Sayings and insults like ‘parkin’ were the mildest adjectives received by this ‘bold’ blue fan as he entered the Ocean Sector of Monumental Stadium, which was, as you can see, packed with Colo Colo supporters.

People who are afraid to die should not be born, they say.Those who took those words to heart seemed to be carefree. U fans in the Ocean section of Monumental Stadium Witness the Superclasico between his team and CoroCoro.

What was “vivid” to Ao’s sympathizers has become a meme. U followers hardly cared Being with a partner to make a presence among white fans he immediately responded to his intervention with a cry against him.

Finally, fans of the University of ChileLeft a space full of white fans in the midst of failure and resignation .

Source: Biobiochile

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