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Lanišek 25th in his career on the winner’s podium, Kraft equaled the achievement of Malysz



Timi Zajc took tenth place

After Saturday’s victory, Anže Lanišek took second place in the second race at the famous Holmenkollen and reached the podium for the 25th time in his career. Austrian Stefan Kraft won.

Kraft, who is defending his overall victory on the Norwegian Raw Air Tour, has overtaken the best Slovenian this winter by 8.3 points, a tenth of a point less than Frogs and collected by the Pole Dawid Kubacki. The Austrian ace was second after the first series after jumping 130.5m. In the final, he was a meter longer and won the prestigious match over Oslo for the second time in his career.

With the 28th victory of his career, he tied with the German in eighth place on the all-time list Martin Schmittand with the 92nd podium, he caught the Pole in second place Adam Malysz. There is only the legendary Finn ahead of him Janne Ahonenwho succeeded as many as 108 times.

Končni vrstni red:      daljava   točke
 1. S. KRAFT      AVT 130,5/131,5 266,1
 2. A. LANIŠEK    SLO 126,5/128,5 257,8
 3. D. KUBACKI    POL 127,0/133,0 257,7
 4. D. A. TANDE   NOR 128,0/133,5 257,1
 5. D. TSCHOFENIG AVT 130,0/126,0 253,9
 6. J. A. FORFANG NOR 126,5/130,0 253,0
 7. H-E. GRANERUD NOR 128,5/125,0 250,7
 8. A. WELLINGER  NEM 126,5/130,0 248,2
 9. M. EISENBICH. NEM 122,5/131,0 246,4
10. T. ZAJC       SLO 127,5/123,0 245,8
Brez finala:                           
31. D. PREVC      SLO    119,5    105,4
35. R. MASLE      SLO    112,0     99,9
42. Ž. JELAR      SLO    112,0     94,5

Lanišek has been jumping at a very high level all season, and now he leaves Holmenkollen with a win and second place. He has already stepped on the winner’s podium 12 times this year, and for the 12th time in his career, he took second place. As he did on Saturday, he improved his ranking in the final. This time, after halfway through the test, he was fourth with 126.5 m, and his second jump measured 128.5 m.

“The jumps are at a very high level, so I have to be satisfied. Maybe today’s jumps were a little late, but nevertheless I let myself get carried away. That’s what counts. I enjoyed it,SSK member Mengeš said to TV Slovenija and continued: “I have the most reserves with myself, the ‘settings’ in my head, as I like to call them. In every match, I have to be even more confident in myself with every jump. My goals are the same throughout the season and they will not change. You just have to go from the jump jump in and enjoy it. I was calm yesterday, today as well. I’m glad it’s going this way.”

Po prvi seriji:         daljava  točke
 1. D. TSCHOFENIG AVT    130,0   131,5
 2. S. KRAFT      AVT    130,5   130,7
 3. H-E. GRANERUD NOR    128,5   129,8
 4. A. LANIŠEK    SLO    126,5   127,9
 5. M. FETTNER    AVT    126,5   126,6
 6. T. ZAJC       SLO    127,5   125,8
 7. D. KUBACKI    POL    127,0   124,7
 8. A. WELLINGER  NEM    126,5   124,3
 9. D. A. TANDE   NOR    128,0   123,6
10. K. STOCH      POL    124,5   121,0
31. D. PREVC      SLO    119,5   105,4
35. R. MASLE      SLO    112,0    99,9
42. Ž. JELAR      SLO    112,0    94,5

Lanišek and Kraft are fighting a tight battle in both the World Cup standings and the Raw Air Tour standings. In total, the 26-year-old Slovenian jumper is 18 points ahead of the Austrian who is three years older than him, but he leads the tour by more than 14 points. Here is the fifth Timi Zajc, who was the only Slovenian to jump in the final of the second race at Holmenkollen. The world champion, who was second in the morning qualifying, fell from sixth place to the final tenth in the second series. He landed at 127.5m and 123.0m.

Three eagles were too short for the final. He missed the second series by 0.5 points to 31st place Domain Prevc, who jumped 119.5 m. 112.0 m was the distance Hand of Masletwho was 35. He could do just that Žiga Jelar, which took 42nd place. Lovro Kos was eliminated in the qualifiers.

Turneja Raw Air (4/12):                
 1. S. KRAFT      AVT             768,0
 2. A. LANIŠEK    SLO             753,4
 3. H-E. GRANERUD NOR             750,0
 4. D. KUBACKI    POL             745,5
 5. T. ZAJC       SLO             737,0
28. R. MASLE      SLO             519,5
31. D. PREVC      SLO             504,8
32. Ž. JELAR      SLO             499,0
50. L. KOS        SLO             262,3

“A great race for Anžet. A superb second place with two very, very nice jumps. We just want him to continue in this rhythm. Timi also very solid, but it just didn’t ‘fit’ today. The others’ jumping wasn’t as bad as they were results. We’re at Holmenkollen and it’s a sport outside. Sometimes it works in our favor, sometimes it doesn’t. There’s still a long way to go on the tour,” added the Slovenian coach Robert Hrgota.

Jumpers move to Lillehammer, where there will be two matches. Qualifications will be held on Monday at the Olympic ski jump, and the matches will be held on Tuesday and Thursday. The Raw Air Tour will conclude at the weekend with flight tests in Vikersund.

Svetovni pokal (25/32):            
 1. H. E. GRANERUD      NOR   1738 točk
 2. D. KUBACKI          POL   1448     
 3. A. LANIŠEK          SLO   1276     
 4. S. KRAFT            AVT   1258     
 5. P. ŽYLA             POL    831     
 6. A. WELLINGER        NEM    820     
 7. R. KOBAJAŠI         JAP    762     
 8. M. FETTNER          AVT    623     
 9. K. GEIGER           NEM    593     
10. T. ZAJC             SLO    580     
17. Ž. JELAR            SLO    395     
20. D. PREVC            SLO    284     
21. P. PREVC            SLO    274     
23. L. KOS              SLO    251     
46. Ž. MOGEL            SLO     29     
55. R. MASLE            SLO     16     
62. M. BARTOLJ          SLO     11     
71. M. VIDIC            SLO      5     
Kvalifikacije:          daljava  točke
 1. H-E. GRANERUD NOR    131,0   131,6
 2. T. ZAJC       SLO    129,0   126,1
 3. S. KRAFT      AVT    127,5   125,0
 4. S. RINGEN     NOR    131,0   124,1
 5. K. STOCH      POL    129,5   123,7
 6. A. WELLINGER  NEM    127,0   122,0
 7. M. FETTNER    AVT    127,0   120,4
 8. D. TSCHOFENIG AVT    128,5   119,3
13. A. LANIŠEK    SLO    124,0   116,2
27. R. MASLE      SLO    124,5   105,0
31. D. PREVC      SLO    119,0   101,6
45. Ž. JELAR      SLO    108,5    83,3
Brez tekme:                           
54. L. KOS        SLO    104,5    69,6

Source: Rtvslo

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