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The women from Maribor suffered yet another painful defeat from the women from Kamni



ACH Volley crushed Calcit in the fifth set

The volleyball players of Nova KBM Branika are the winners of the Slovenian Cup. In the final in Velenje, they beat traditional rival Calcit Volley 3:2. The men’s final was also extremely tense, ACH Volley was 3:2 better than Calcit.

In the last 15 days, this was already the fifth match between the traditional rivals, only one was won by the Kamnik volleyball players. A particularly painful defeat for them was on Wednesday, when they were left without the final of the Central European League in their hall.

The decision came in a thrilling fifth set. The Maribor women led with 13:10, they also had the first final ball, but with two consecutive blocks, the rivals gained the advantage and the final ball. They missed the first, then another, but Klara Milošič’s block made sure that the victory went to the Styrian capital.

For the women from Maribor, this is the 19th cup title, the first since 2020, the women from Kamnič remain with four.

ACH Volley honestly garal for a new laurelACH volleyball players Volley were looking forward to the 14th cup laurel. In a nervous encounter, the people of Kamnica resisted the favorites well, but once again they were left empty-handed, without the fifth title of cup winners. All the sets were even, not least the shortened fifth, in which there were several sparks between the players.

Before the cup in Velenje, the people of Ljubljana and the people of Kamnica already met four times during the season. ACH won all four matches, but he did not outplay his rivals in any of them. So the Calcita volleyball players arrived in Velenje full of optimism, they believed they could spring a surprise.

Already in the first set, the team from Kamnica were without Jan Klobučar, who was injured, but they didn’t know that. They led most of the first set, with a 20:15 lead it also showed that they would surely win the set, but they had to work hard in the playoffs. With the result 21:24, the guests got three consecutive points and equalized. But Calcit still won the last point, the streak was ended by a block from former ACH member Uroš Pavlović.

Kamnica had the initiative in half of the second set as well. But after the tie at 15:15, the orange dragons took over, gaining a three-point lead and reliably bringing the series to an end.

Anyone who thought that this was the end of Calcite’s resistance when he trailed 3-7 in the third set was honestly mistaken. The even fight for every point continued, the people of Kamnica were breathing down the throat of their rival, but they did not give up even after a 19:24 deficit. They saved four closing balls, but not the fifth.

They were favorites in the fourth set completely equals, and for their fight and intransigence they were rewarded with a 2:2 draw.

When Uroš Planinšič is at the beginning “that onebreaks” awarded two blocks to Klemno Šen, it looked like a surprise was brewing. But ACH rallied after a 2:4 deficit and played more enterprisingly, which was enough for a new title in the end.

The captain of the Ljubljana team, Nikola, was chosen as the most valuable player of the match Gjorgievaand for girls, Loreno Lorber Fijok.

Women’s Final:Calcite VolleyNEW KBM BUMPER 2:3 (-16, -20, 18, 20, -17)

Calcite Volley: Griljc, Radiskovic 18, Stojilković, Vovk 2, Đorđević 2, Hutinski 5, Boisa, Kregar, Charuk 1, Shillah 30, Pucelj 8, Čižman 4, Banko.

New KBM Bumper: Mlakar 22, Milošič 8, Pogačar 4, Štampar 5, Lekše 16, Seneković, A squealerVlaisavljević, Ramić, Potokar, Lorber Fijok 21, Kranjc.

Men: ACH VOLLEY – Calcite Volley 3:2 (-24, 22, 23, -22, 10)

ACH Volley: BordersShket, Masulovic 2, Todorović 2, Bošnjak, Koncilija 13, Šestan 10, Kovačič, Gjorgiev 26, Seer 8, Kök 7, Shen 8.

Calcite Volley: Planišić 2, Mujanović 5, Vinkovič 8, Lazar, Klobučar 2, Košenina, Arsenoski, Round 14, Sosa 19, Mitrašinović 2, Aponza 10, Pavlović 13.

Source: Rtvslo

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