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Stephen Curry attempts an impossible 30-meter shot: he misses and hits the ball carrier in the face



Before the Warriors’ game against the Bucks, Stephen Curry was cheered up with a 100-yard shot that ended up hitting the young ballboy in the face.

I often come across videos of . Stephen Curry Scored a long-range shot in a match preview for golden state warriors with team pedestals and figures Nba Surprise your fans.

However, this time the aim did not go well, He hit a ball carrier before a game against the Milwaukee Bucks. he scored 36 points in his team’s 125-116 win.

“Steph” was encouraged to shoot from behind one of the rings to score in other areas of the court. 30 meters .

But Stephen Curry fell short and hit one of the ball boys in the face. He didn’t even see the ball come full speed toward him.

The blow smashed the youngster’s glasses and he had to be treated by the Warriors’ medical staff.

After hours, Curry himself detailed on social networks that he gave Jonathan his shirt the ball carrier that was hit, and that he apologized for the miscalculation.

Source: Biobiochile

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