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Vitranc Cup one of the best so far



The Wave 202 podcast

This year’s edition of the Vitranc Cup was one of the best, also thanks to the Kranjskogo workers, who performed their work with distinction in the spring weather conditions. Former skier Andrej Šporn, who was involved in the preparation, talks about this in the Smučina podcast.

Once a specialist in fast disciplines it is spent his childhood on the root slope. Your career it is started in technical disciplines and few people know that it is he also competed in the giant slalom at the home match of the World Cup on the podkoren slope. In his later career, however it is he became a skier because of his desire for speed.

The spur that it is achieved the result of the career at the famous Streif, it is admitted that Mr it is In my career, I was also sometimes afraid of a test. Contact with the world’s top it is for Slovenia, with the decreasing number of competitors in the younger categories, it is difficult to maintain, it is happy, yes it is Rok Ažnoh became the junior downhill world champion this year. For its further development it is in Šporn’s opinion, the most important gathering of experience.

In the debate it is Vala 202 central reporter for alpine skiing Igor Tominec participated, conversation it is led by Marko Polak.

Source: Rtvslo

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