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Goalkeeper confused and takes the ball out of the area: the referee ‘forgiven’ him for a line error



An extraordinary moment has been experienced in English football this weekend, especially in a duel between the two. newport county and the Bradford valid for League 2 (third division).

The main character is the visitor’s goalkeeper, Harry Lewis disrupted the lines of the field and stole the ball from his own area before an attack from his rival.

And it’s the lawn of Newport County Stadium it marked the yardage of a rugby match just before the Dragons, the city team was local.

Therefore, poor Harry, without understanding anything, watched as the judge admitted the offense and presented him with a yellow card.

This sparked irate allegations from local players who demanded the goalkeeper’s expulsion.

However, according to brand, The referee took pity on the Bradford goalkeeper For not taking the ball out of bounds with the intention of disrupting the lines of the field and blocking play.

Check out the Bradford goalkeeper’s unusual moves:

Source: Biobiochile

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