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Colombian Atlético Nacional and Medellín fans arrested in Madrid



Fans of Colombian clubs Atlético Nacional from Medellín and Milonarios from Bogota, They fought a massive battle in Madrid with knives, stones and sticks, and 31 people were arrested.The Spanish National Police reported this Monday.

“National police have arrested 31 people after a riot broke out between football fans of two Colombian league teams,” police said in a statement.

A duel between rival fans who met on the street. They played both sides in Colombia on Saturday afternoon and after midnight in Madrid, finishing 0-0.

25 men, 6 women, quarrel at Useraa neighborhood in the south of the Spanish capital with a large Colombian community.

“A group of people gathered in the Usera district of Madrid to celebrate a sporting event, causing conflict between fans of both teams,” the statement continued.

“Once agents arrived, those involved fled, were found nearby and were detained,” he added.

“Where they hid under cars and in bushes, they found edged weapons, screwdrivers, cobbles, stones and sticks,” police said.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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