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They filter images of NBA players with naked women on floors full of banknotes



In the NBA, the life of a franchise face can change 180 degrees in a matter of seconds. Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is one of the biggest prospects in the league, with impressive performances and dunks that will take the crowd out of their seats.

But a week ago, he appeared on an Insta Live with a gun in his hand.received a six-game suspension by the team, and recently a new image emerged on the day his image plummeted.

According to the New York Post report, The basketball player made several trips to Shotgun Willie’s brothel in Glendale, Colorado, before teams traveled to Houston and Denver to face the Rockets and Nuggets, respectively. At this facility, he left a total of $50,000 in tips and sent direct to all his followers who showed up in the VIP area with a gun, various sources have confirmed to American media.

in the last hours they showed up In a new image dated March 2, Ja Morant can be seen with a woman on top and the floor completely covered in banknotes. “The whole room is full of money. Literally a lot. You need a rake to collect it all,” explained a club employee who witnessed the impressive scene.

The 23-year-old point guard, who just signed a five-year deal worth $231 million with the Grizzlies, spent two nights at least $50,000 of the same currency in cash tips. ‘ recalled one of the dancers who was present on the day Morant went to the facility.

On his first trip to Shotgun Willies, Ja was accompanied by a friend and two security guards around 1:30 a.m. hours after the Memphis franchise destroyed the Rockets in Houston, 113-99. Eighty minutes after the team’s plane landed in Denver, The security guard sneaked out the back of the club, entered the VIP room, and paid $900 to reserve a space for three hours.

“I was partying there. I wanted a girl in the room. The music was very, very gangster,” added another witness. paid for the services of four dancers and several bottles of alcohol. He also ordered a basket of smoked he chicken wings, two trays of chicken tenders, fries he potatoes, and a steak. The third visit came after Morant added 23 points after Memphis was beaten 113-97 in Denver. He returned to Shotgun Willies early on Saturday, March 4.

This time, he aired himself on Instagram while hanging a gun and singing the lyrics to rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s “Bring ‘Em Out.” Deborah Dunafon, the majority owner of the establishment, confirmed to the New York Post that Morant was a regular guest on March 2nd and 4th. He was kind and didn’t drink alcohol on our second visit,” added the 72-year-old owner.

According to an employee who was not in the VIP room but heard complaints from colleagues, a gun pulled unexpectedly by a point guard “scared” a shotgun dancer. He explained that police had reviewed security footage from Morant’s second night and claimed that “no one saw the gun.” It was judged that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

The Grizzlies announced on social media hours after the debacle that Morant had missed two games, later expanding to four more. “Our investigation is ongoing,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass confirmed.

As if that wasn’t enough, days before the gun incident, Morant was the subject of a Washington Post report on two alleged violent incidents last summer. The player left the pitch and returned to play after the boy sued Ja after punching him more than a dozen times with a friend during a street game last July. waist.

Second, in February, the NBA investigated allegations by the Indiana Pacers that a point guard and his personal guard “actively engaged” members of the team’s mobile squad and pointed red lasers at them. . The league could not confirm any evidence that Morant’s associates threatened anyone with a weapon, and DaVonte, a close friend of the Memphis star player, was suspected of being involved in the conflict and his pack was allegedly involved in the conflict, and the Grizzlies’ Banned from FedExForum for the rest of the season.

Morant’s representative and attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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