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With the third place, Ema Klinec further strengthened the lead in the total of the tour



The big crystal globe is already in the hands of only 11. Eva Pinkelnig today

At the 3rd match of the Norwegian tour in Lillehammer, Emi Klinec managed to get on the podium again, she won 3rd place. Nika Križnar finished in 6th place, and Katra Komar set the best result of her career with 13th place. The big globe has already been cast!

The winner was the Norwegian Silje Opseth (the fifth victory of her career in the World Cup), second was the German Selina Freitag, 0.6 points behind. Ema Klinec, who consolidated her lead in the Raw Air tour total, was 6.5 points behind.

In the total of the Norwegian tour, Ema Klinec already has a good 33 points advantage (click on the image to enlarge) Photo: MMC RTV SLO

The best Slovenian jumper this winter was second after the first series (120.0 m), trailing Norwegian Eirin Maria Kvandal by 4.5 points. She landed at 122 meters in the final, overtaken by Silje Opseth and Selina Freitag, while Eirin Maria Kvandal slipped to seventh place after her trainer’s tactics of lowering the runway did not pay off.

Nika Prevc for 22nd and Maja Vtič for 27th place also won points from Slovenian women.

The conditions were challenging, especially in the first series, it snowed heavily, as a result of which the match started half an hour late.

First Globe for Eva PinkelnigThe big crystal globe is already in the hands of Austrian Eva Pinkelnig (Katharina Althaus is behind by 215 points with two games to go), who otherwise did not shine today, after the first series she was 16th, but in the end she was eleventh.

In the fight for 3rd place overall, Ema Klinec increased her lead over Anna Odine Stroem (today 12th place) from five points to 43 points.

In the morning qualifiers, Nika Križnar was sixth, and Ema Klinec, who had previously been the best in both training sessions, was seventh.

On Wednesday, there will be another match in Olympic Lillehammer, it will start at 16:30 (broadcast on TV SLO 2).

Končni vrstni red:      daljave   točke
 1. S. OPSETH     NOR 116,5/131,0 223,1
 2. S. FREITAG    NEM 121,5/128,0 222,5
 3. E. KLINEC     SLO 120,0/122,0 216,6
 4. J. ITO        JAP 116,5/126,0 213,4
 5. K. ALTHAUS    NEM 112,0/128,0 213,3
 6. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO 122,0/124,0 211,2
 7. E. M. KVANDAL NOR 124,0/119,5 210,0
 8. A. STRATE     KAN 117,0/120,5 203,4
 9. C. KREUZER    AVT 111,5/245,5 197,9
10. S. TAKANAŠI   JAP 112,0/122,5 197,7
11. E. PINKELNIG  AVT 110,0/121,5 190,2
12. A. O. STROEM  NOR 118,5/113,5 189,0
13. K. KOMAR      SLO 114,0/114,0 179,1
22. N. PREVC      SLO  98,5/109,5 146,4
27. M. VTIČ       SLO  99,0/102,0 130,4
Po prvi seriji:         daljave   tocke
 1. E. M. KVANDAL NOR    124,0    109,9
 2. E. KLINEC     SLO    120,0    105,4
 3. S. FREITAG    NEM    121,5    104,3
 4. A. STRATE     KAN    117,0    103,6
 5. N. KRIZNAR    SLO    122,0    101,8
 6. A. O. STROEM  NOR    118,5    100,4
 7. J. ITO        JAP    116,5     99,8
  . S. OPSETH     NOR    116,5     99,8
 9. K. ALTHAUS    NEM    112,0     93,3
10. S. TAKANAŠI   JAP    112,0     91,9
11. K. KOMAR      SLO    114,0     89,3
16. E. PINKELNIG  AVT    110,0     84,3
23. N. PREVC      SLO    98,5      63,2
24. M. VTIC       SLO    99,0      62,1
Skupni vrstni red (7/9):              
 1. E. KLINEC     SLO           1072,7
 2. A. O. STROEM  NOR           1039,1
 3. K. ALTHAUS    NEM           1035,1
 4. C. KREUZER    AVT           1034,1
 5. S. FREITAG    NEM           1032,2
 6. J. ITO        JAP           1025,7
 7. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO            982,5
16. N. PREVC      SLO            869,2
29. K. KOMAR      SLO            581,4
30. M. VTIČ       SLO            580,8
Po 24 tekmah od 26:                  
 1. E. PINKELNIG  AVT            1552
 2. K. ALTHAUS    NEM            1357
 3. E. KLINEC     SLO            1215
 4. A. O. STROEM  NOR            1172
 5. S. FREITAG    NEM             893
 6. C. KREUZER    AVT             874
 7. S. OPSETH     NOR             756
 8. N. KRIŽNAR    SLO             700
19. N. PREVC      SLO             341
20. U. BOGATAJ    SLO             249
33. M. VTIČ       SLO             115
37. K. KOMAR      SLO             102
45. A. KOŠNJEK    SLO              18
62. N. VETRIH     SLO               1

Today at 20:30 (broadcast on TV SLO 2) the qualifiers for Tuesday’s men’s match will also be held in Lillehammer. Austrian Stefan Kraft is in the lead in the total of the Norwegian tour, who has 14.6 points ahead of Anžet Lanišek and 17.1 points ahead of Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud.

On Wednesday, there will be two more games in Lillehammer, after which the caravan will move to the airfield in Vikersund. The best 15 girls in the total of the Norwegian tour will also get a chance to fly there.

Source: Rtvslo

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