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Judge cancels Gabi’s registration in Barça’s first team and here’s why



Gabi has no first-team records. There are two versions of this, with the league indicating that the club appealed after the deadline, while the Barça club said it was a judge’s decision, not a final judgment, and could be appealed. (the latter is a potential resource, LaLiga also points it out). Therefore the precaution will not be lifted until it is firm.

What is clear is that the footballer can continue playing for the top team. I still don’t know which token to use. La Liga understands that with the notice received from the 10th Court of Barcelona, ​​it will return to the situation immediately before the precautionary measures.

The story is below. La Liga have refused to sign Gabi for the first team, knowing that there is no vacancy in Barcelona’s salary. The Barça Club did not agree with this claim and submitted a letter asking the judge to grant registration with caution until the matter was resolved.

A judge upheld Barcelona’s request as failure to register would have “irreparable consequences” for the club. This is so, the Barcelona entity must present/show a request for the subject matter to be resolved in court. La Liga followed the judge’s decision and granted registration. However, the club was unable to fulfill its role as it filed a lawsuit after the deadline.

Therefore, the judge withdrew the precautionary measures and Gabi returned to his previous state. I mean, he has a previous contract, so he has to play in the subfile. And worst of all, with the player’s dismissal clause at zero euros as of June, it’s not like any club will be able to remove him for free.

On February 20, in a talk explaining the winter market salary cap, Javier Gomes, La Liga’s father of economic control, explained the situation in which Gabi found himself.

After the summer Barcelona wanted to renew Gabi and sign him up to their first team. The first his 93.6 was approved in the new Economic Management Regulations last November. Says the club will have to present a financial plan if it sells assets and runs exceptionally like Barça did The next two seasons are to show that any contract or renewal he wants is viable. On the other hand, Article 101 It has been in effect since 2013 and if a player is renewed, they should check the limits for the next season.

Barça saved chips for Piqué and Memphis in the winter transfer window, but they exceeded that (with Champions League elimination weighing on them), so they only spent 40% of what they saved on those chips. did not. With 40% of that he could pay off Gabi’s card this season, but not in the long run, as La Liga’s financial plans for Barcelona show. bottom.

Gabi asked for permission last summer from Barcelona to play this season in the situation, so he can continue playing until 30 June on the auxiliary file, but from that day on he will have to find a solution. .

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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