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Women’s Select Coach: ‘I get calls every day from El Salvador national team players’



Women's Select Coach Eric Acuna

Women’s Select Coach Eric Acuna

Women’s selector coach Eric Acuna is delighted to have won the UNCAF Sub-19 tournament title in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Similarly, revealed that football agents are currently asking about El Salvadoran players.

The Women’s Select coach said, “We’re already getting calls every day from many delegates asking for players. It’s a sign that the world has realized that the talent is here and that makes us grow faster.” I mean,” he said.

“Brenda Selen (Atlas) goals, Karen (Reyes) in Queretaro, Stephanie (Zuniga) in Queretaro, minutes in Samaria (Gómez), 23 goals scored in Greece and 80% of the players have won the league. “The important thing for the national team is that women’s football gets positioned as soon as possible because we were behind and if we don’t pick up the pace we will never reach that level,” he said. added.

Acuna said In collaboration with the El Salvador Football Federation (FESFUT) and FIFA, we have launched a project to improve women’s football in the country.“The league needs a lot of work. In fact, at the moment we are working with the Secretariat and FIFA on a new project with FIFA Advisors to improve El Salvador’s league.”

“The goal is for everything to be the other way around. The team is nourished by the selection, the selection is nourished by the team. Contribution is the most important thing for us, so we don’t care at all.” , but in the order of the pyramid, among all, the choice must be fed by the team,” added Acuña.

focus on next

Commenting on her impressions after the UNCAF tournament, the women’s team coach says she will turn the page to continue her national team’s development. I think the worst mistake we can make is to eat our ego after this and think that the next tournament will be easy, we’re leaving on April 12th at the World Championships in our category In this selection to look for places in the Dominican Republic,” said Acuña.

“Going from a team with no tactics to an organized team, being able to play anyone, and showing the girls that they can tackle each other can’t be more gratifying than it gave me, so I But like true champions, we are already thinking about the next tournament, and for us victories are small, that’s how we live.

Acuña reveals the key to defeating opponents in tournaments and making history. “We have stopped idealizing our rivals, and that is one of the virtues. It’s something we can tack on.Football puts us against everyone, we’re already pretty technical, so we focused on tacticalizing the game.”

“I’m very happy to be able to score at least two goals in one game from a team that is timid and defending a lot. In fact, I scored three goals in one game. This shows the efficiency of the system. Overall, I’m satisfied,” said the women’s select coach.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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