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500 days until Paris 2024: the French are most irritated by the exorbitant ticket prices



There are 500 days until the next Summer Olympics, which will be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11, 2024. The French public (like recently the Slovenian public during the Nordic World Cup) is most tormented by the excessively high ticket prices and the system of their sale.

According to research by a French agency Odox for RTL television, the prices of the ticket packages that were first put on sale are too expensive right for 82 percent of the French. The prevailing opinion among the public is that it is the promise of folk games was broken, accessible all.

But at rising costs for implementation of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, which grew to 8.8 billion euros, the organizers headed by To Tony Estanguet they emphasize that otherwise no it works, because they have to cover a third of the budget from ticket sales.

Former top canoeist and three-time Olympic champion in C1 Tony Estanguet is now the head of the Paris organizing committee responsible for the 2024 Olympics. Photo: AP

Dear packages for watching at least three sports

Organizers of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games have announced that they have sold a third of all tickets so far for competition or 3.25 million. As many as 79 percent of the French believe that the procedure for obtaining tickets for there is no Olympic competition easy.

In the first part of the sale, only tickets in packages were available, when fans had to buy tickets at least for three different industries. At that it is the average price was 300 euros, for family of four it is thus the cost easily exceeded a thousand euros.

Paris is going through a massive change where cyclists have priority on most roads.  In the capital, the Games were also used for the extensive renovation of the Champs-Élysées, where there will now be much less cars and much more space for pedestrians.  Photo: EPA

Still the majority of game support though

In the second phase of sales, which will start on May 11, it will also be possible to buy individual tickets. In terms of prices, however, there are ratios no will significantly change, as more desirable competitions, such as basketball finals and athletics, will also be available at that time.

In Paris, however, they defend that their ticket prices are comparable to those in London 2012, taking inflation into account. They were cheaper in Rio 2016, but more expensive in Tokyo 2020, but fans corona they couldn’t even take advantage of the restrictions.

But despite this, French support for the event remains strong: 69 percent of French people think so it is good that the Olympics will be in Paris. The majority (64 percent) believe that these OIs will create economic opportunities for France, but 64 percent of them at the same time no trusts the organizers to control the costs of this event and balance the budget between expenses and income.

The Phrygian cap, symbol of the French Revolution of 1789, is the official mascot of the upcoming Summer Olympics.  Photo: Reuters

O (White)Russians has the final say Mok

The French public (72 percent) also supports the possibility that (Belarusian) Russian athletes should have the opportunity to participate in the 2024 Olympics. It is the attack by Russia and the war in Ukraine that remains one of the key issues before the Games no only for organizers, but in particular for International Olympic Committee (Mok). The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo it is supported the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes, “while the war goes on” in Ukraine and while Moka president Thomas Bach is more assertive in his statements for “way”, which will allow Russians and Belarusians to compete under neutral the flag.

Like it is in the interview for MMC emphasized the long-time head of Olympic marketing Michael Paynethe final decisions of Moka no can be expected earlier than the beginning of 2024. The French government and the organizers of the 2024 OI have largely avoided a dispute about this. Mok must finally decide whether the Russian delegation will be allowed to participate in the Olympics,” it is emphasized Estanguet, underlining that the last word belongs to the International Olympic Committee and no the country.

How to perform opening games on the river?

The announced opening ceremony on the Seine River, surrounded by the Eiffel Tower and other monuments, also presents a kind of headache for the organizers. It’s going to be a big deal for security services, as the original plan on the banks of the Seine envisages up to 600,000 spectators.

Of the intrastructural projects, the construction of sports venues is proceeding according to plan, but there are delays and delays in the extension of the subway lines, which, as in London 2012, will carry the main traffic burden during the games.  During the Games, the number of rides on the metro will be increased by 15 percent.  Photo: AP

The budget of the organizing committee, of which otherwise right 96 percent comes from private funds, rising with inflation and contingencies. Last year it is increased for ten percent to 4.4 billion euros. There are still 4.4 billion euros for Solideoa company in debt for the construction of facilities, which mainly builds the Olympic Village, the total budget of the 2024 Games amounts to 8.8 billion euros (in 2017, the organizers predicted 6.6 billion).

In the end, 3 billion euros of public funds

But in reality, this sum is 8.8 billion no it includes a whole range of costs, reports the French news agency AFP. Court of Auditors it is wrote in the January report that “this presentation, which mixes public and private expenditures of various kinds, is not representative for the total expenditure actually incurred.”

This amount no includes costs related to security, which according to the first estimate will be 419 million euros. In addition to expenditure for insurance, there will be costs related to transport, health, as well as some tax exemptions.

President of the Court of Auditors Pierre Moscovici (the former EU Commissioner and Minister) for it is estimated in the January report that the public investments of the state and local communities will eventually reach “around 3 billion euros”.

Source: Rtvslo

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