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FIFA approves new format for 2026 World Cup



FIFA announces new format for 2026 World Cup / AFP

FIFA announces new format for 2026 World Cup / AFP

The FIFA Council meeting in Kigali, Rwanda on Tuesday said:Tested format changes for the 2026 World Cuporiginally had 48 teams instead of the current 32 teams.

The expansion of the team also comes with the expansion of games and days.instead of his current 64 encountersThere are 104 participants and the tournament lasts 39 days.

Ultimately, FIFA chose the most aggressive long-term expansion. in a group of three First original idea, the number of encounters would have been 80However, from the highest authority, they said that the incentives for the final day of the group of four are very interesting compared to the final day of the group of three, where the results make it easier to find suitable games for two of the teams. I thought.The third damage.

In this way, the group stage remains the same as before, but 12 groups instead of 8. In the summer of 2026, the United States, Canada and Mexico will host the first World Cup with 48 teams.

It is the first ever World Cup to be held in three countries, and the scale is large. FIFA is looking into creating “zones” in which different groups will play. In other words, people who play on the West Coast don’t move from that city, and people who play on the East coast don’t move either.

2026 World Cup is scheduled to start June 10th, the final is July 19th, 2026.

FIFA also distributed 48 places of the World Cup. 16 in Europe, 9 in Africa, 8 in Asia, 6 in Conmebol, 3 in Conca Cafe and 1 in Oceania. In addition, two classified by intercontinental playoffs that have yet to be defined.

USA, Canada, Mexico They host the country, so they already have tickets to the World Cup.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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