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Slavje Graneruda, Jelar dropped from third to seventh place



Anže Lanišek is barely in the final after an unfortunate jump

The Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud celebrated with an exceptional final jump (139.5 meters) at the first race of ski jumpers in Lillehammer, which is his first victory in front of his home fans. With this, he increased his lead on the Norwegian tour.

In the final, the Norwegian made up for the 8.8 points deficit after the first series and in the end celebrated with a 2.2 point advantage over the Austrian Stefan Kraft. The third was his compatriot Manuel Fettnerwho gained 13 places in the final, but fell behind by more than 20 points.

He was the best Slovenian Žiga Jelar in seventh place, Timi Zajc was the tenth. Both dropped four places in the wind-driven final.

“Seventh place is a very nice result, but maybe it has a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Still, I think that I showed two very, very nice jumps today. But this is sport in nature, sometimes it ‘matches’, sometimes it doesn’t. Thursday is already waiting for us a new match and I’m really looking forward to continuing the tour,Jelar said.

Again, I am very happy with my jumps, the result is also solid. I look forward to the upcoming matches,” said the two-time world champion from Planica Zajc.

Lanišek eighth in the first series

The hero of Oslo Anže Lanišek rose from 27th to 18th in the final. Last week’s hottest Slovenian jumper had to wait a long time on the starting ramp for his first jump due to the unstable wind. As soon as he got the green light, he landed at 121 meters and barely qualified for the final.

The winner of Saturday’s Holmenkollen corrected the impression in the second series. He jumped 135 meters, made strong progress and retained third place in the Norwegian tour. However, he was pushed out of third place in the overall World Cup standings by Kraft.

They won more points Domain Prevc (21.) and Butter deadline (22nd). He fell out after the first jump Lovro Kos (46).

We have a good game behind us. A bit of luck ran out in the finals, so that Žiga and Timi would be in the game for the podium. Otherwise, Žiga in particular jumped very nicely today, Timi solidly. Maybe it’s not the level we want yet,” the selector assessed the match at the beginning Robert Hrgota.

Anžet had a bit of bad luck in the first series, but in the second he made a correction and showed that he is in good shape. Of course, congratulations also to Roku for an excellent 22nd place, for collecting points and experience. Let’s move on, tomorrow is qualifying, we will try to correct these mistakes,” added Hrgota.

Wednesday night qualifiers for Thursday’s game

After the first series, Kraft took a strong lead with a jump of 138.5 m. Second was Granerud, and third was Jelar (132.5 m), who was behind the Austrian by 12.7 points. Zajc was sixth, 15.7 points behind Kraft.

The match started 20 minutes late due to the strong wind.

On Wednesday evening (7:15 p.m.) the qualifiers for the second race on this ski jump are scheduled in Lillehammer, and on Thursday (4:30 p.m.) the competition.

Končni vrstni red:      daljava  točke 
 1. H-E. GRANERUD NOR 135,0/139,5 257,7
 2. S. KRAFT      AVT 138,5/132,0 255,4
 3. M. FETTNER    AVT 125,5/138,0 235,9
 4. D. TSCHOFENIG AVT 128,5/132,0 235,8
 5. K. GEIGER     NEM 130,0/133,5 234,0
 6. J.-A. FORFANG NOR 131,5/132,0 232,9
 7. Ž. JELAR      SLO 132,5/127,5 232,1
 8. R. KOBAJAŠI   JAP 128,0/131,5 229,6
 9. D.-A. TANDE   NOR 125,5/126,5 228,3
10. T. ZAJC       SLO 130,0/126,5 227,9
18. A. LANIŠEK    SLO 121,0/135,0 213,5
21. D. PREVC      SLO 123,5/125,5 206,2
22. R. MASLE      SLO 120,0/131,5 206,0
Prva serija:            daljava  točke 
 1. S. KRAFT      AVT    138,5   130,1 
 2. H-E. GRANERUD NOR    135,0   121,3 
 3. Ž. JELAR      SLO    132,5   117,4 
 4. M. EISENBICH. NEM    129,0   115,3 
 5. M. HAYBÖCK    AVT    132,0   115,3 
 6. T. ZAJC       SLO    130,0   114,4 
 7. J. HÖRL       AVT    129,0   113,8 
 8. J.-A. FORFANG NOR    131,5   113,5 
 9. R. KOBAJAŠI   JAP    128,0   111,6 
10. K. GEIGER     NEM    130,0   111,0 
21. D. PREVC      SLO    123,5    96,2 
25. R. MASLE      SLO    120,0    92,4 
27. A. LANIŠEK    SLO    121,0    91,9 
46. L. KOS        SLO     95,0    40,6 
Skupni seštevek (6/12):               
 1. H-E. GRANERUD NOR          1.162,2
 2. S. KRAFT      AVT          1.157,2
 3. A. LANIŠEK    SLO          1.103,1
 4. J. A. FORFANG NOR          1.102,6
 5. K. GEIGER     NEM          1.091,6
 6. R. KOBAJAŠI   JAP          1.090,7
 7. T. ZAJC       SLO          1.090,4
20. Ž. JELAR      SLO            862,8
23. D. PREVC      SLO            834,1
24. R. MASLE      SLO            833,1
50. L. KOS        SLO            428,3
SKUPNI VRSTNI RED (26/32)              
1. H. E. GRANERUD      NOR   1838 točk
 2. D. KUBACKI          POL   1460     
 3. S. KRAFT            AVT   1338     
 4. A. LANIŠEK          SLO   1289     
 5. P. ŽYLA             POL    835     
 6. A. WELLINGER        NEM    820     
 7. R. KOBAJAŠI         JAP    794     
 8. M. FETTNER          AVT    683     
 9. K. GEIGER           NEM    638     
10. T. ZAJC             SLO    606     
17. Ž. JELAR            SLO    431     
20. D. PREVC            SLO    294     
22. P. PREVC            SLO    274     
24. L. KOS              SLO    251     
47. Ž. MOGEL            SLO     29     
49. R. MASLE            SLO     25     
62. M. BARTOLJ          SLO     11     
71. M. VIDIC            SLO      5     

Source: Rtvslo

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