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Roberto “Avión” Casadei returns to FAS after 43 years



Former player of Roberto Casadei Club Deportivo FAS / CD FAS

Former player of Roberto Casadei Club Deportivo FAS / CD FAS

Roberto “Avión” Casadei returned to Santa Ana for the first time in 43 years to visit the “Tigrillo” team and remember his time at Club Deportivo FAS. The former Argentinian player is considered the ‘greatest foreigner’ in the history of the Santaneko club.

Casaday, Two FAS winners (1977-78, 1978-79)in addition to being Conca Cafe champion in 1979 and runner-up in the United States the same year.

“Airplane” is Fifth top scorer in FAS history with 71 goals in five seasons.

Casaday visited Oscar Quiteño Stadium this Tuesday, Got the chance to take a picture with David CabreraFAS all-time top scorer ‘Lifting’ the team’s crown 19 Achieved in November 2022 after defeating Jocoro.

Performed by Roberto Casaday Last game against FAS in February 1980a 1–2 loss against Aguila on the final home run of 1979–80.

Idol of FAS, Honor players who made their mark in team history Santa Cat on Saturday, March 18th.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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