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Gerard Piqué: “Barça didn’t bribe the referee. I would throw my hand in the fire”



Former Barcelona player Gerard Pique/AFP

Former Barcelona player Gerard Pique/AFP

Former FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué said on Tuesday that Barca “didn’t buy the referee” and that he would set fire to it. And the “Negreira incident”, for example the smear campaign against Barça in the era of Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique Martinez, specifically the question about the title “Golden Age”.

“The referee is not bought. I would throw my hand in the fire. I know the club, I know what is working and what is not. But if you want to buy a referee is as easy as blacking it out with an envelope with money and giving it to him and that’s it,” Pique pointed out in an interview.

On this point he added: It is not “logical” to want to buy José María Enriquez Negreira to manage an arbitration facility.

“You don’t go to the CTA to pay a public salary because it’s going to be known. With that guy you think you can condition 30 First Division referees. That includes No logic,” he said. .

“Since then, we’re completely used to plots and campaigns. But as much as they want to tarnish the name of Barça, it was a golden age when we were much better. Of the titles won. Not just because, but how. You can see the matches, the leagues, the cups, everything.

As for Real Madrid, who are involved in the incident, He thought it was understandable.

“All the clubs have taken the opposite position throughout La Liga. Only Real Madrid have not. Due to the pressure from the fans, why not and in the end why they will do it. I understand. It’s more noise than anything else. Do I have a lot of confidence in my club and the people who run it now?” he assured.

personally, He denied knowing or knowing anything about Negreira.

“Obviously, no, we know nothing. Reports are for coaches and staff. Players who have been there for years know how the referees are. Coaches, especially A new coach should do that.The referee puts each leg on.I don’t know if the man’s job was that.I didn’t know him or his son,” he repeated.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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