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Žan Kranjec is only twelfth, Pinturault will be especially dangerous



An outstanding performance by Odermatt, who is well on his way to “overturning” Maier’s achievement

In the last giant slalom of the World Cup season, Žan Kranjec did not ski well on the first track. In 12th place, he is 2.23 seconds behind the leader Marco Odermatt, and his 3rd place in the overall giant slalom standings is mainly threatened by Alexis Pinturault.

Before the final, Odermatt will again have the best starting point, as he was more than a second faster than his competitors. The giant slalom globe is already owned by Odermatt, as is the large crystal globe. If he is on the podium today, he will also set a new points record, surpassing Hermann Maier’s 2,000 points more than two decades ago.

Prva proga, izidi:
 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI 1:07,86
 2. A. PINTURAULT      FRA   +1,09
 3. A. STEEN OLSEN     NOR    1,12
 4. L. BRAATHEN        NOR    1,14
 5  L. MEILLARD        ŠVI    1,61
 6  L. DE ALIPRANDINI  ITA    1,68
 7. R. WINDINGSTAD     NOR    1,69
 8. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR    1,70
 9. G. CAVIEZEL        ŠVI    1,87
10. S. BRENNSTEINER    AVT    2,19
11. M. SCHWARZ         AVT    2,22
12. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO    2,23

In second place is Alexis Pinturault (+1.09) and surprisingly in third is Alexander Steen Olsen (+1.12), who has number 19.

Žan Kranjec made a lot of mistakes in the quick setup of the Swiss coach, he did not catch the right rhythm in any way. However, he still has good chances to win 3rd place in the overall discipline. Before today’s race he was 51 points ahead of Marc Schwarz, 61 ahead of Loic Meillard and 63 ahead of Alexis Pinturault. Especially the Frenchman is dangerous, he has been in great form lately, today he was slower than Odermatt on the first track.

If Pinturault ends up second, he will get 80 points. In this case, the Kranjec must win at least 14th place (18 points). If Pinturault wins, Kranjec must be sixth (40 points).

The final will be at 12:00 with a broadcast on TV SLO 2.

Skupni seštevek veleslaloma (9/10):                    
 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI         740
 2. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR         580
 3. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO         440
 4. M. SCHWARZ         AVT         389
 5. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI         380
 6. A. PINTURAULT      FRA         377
 7. L. BRAATHEN        NOR         322
 8. G. CAVIEZEL        ŠVI         259
 9. S. BRENNSTEINER    AVT         210
10. F. ZUBČIĆ          HRV         201

Source: Rtvslo

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