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Ema Klinec was the first to write history, Alexandria Loutitt the record holder with 222 meters



The match will take place on Sunday at 10 o’clock

The first flight of jumpers showed that women can also fly very far without any problems. In the second attempt, Ema Klinec exceeded the 200-meter mark, and in the last series, Maren Lundby and especially Alexandria Loutitt improved her mark with 222 meters.

After Friday’s training before the historic first showjumping competition at the airport (Sunday at 10 a.m.) was canceled due to newly fallen snow, there was better luck with the weather and wind on Saturday. In the first training series, the jumpers were still getting to know the device, so there were no extreme distances. Silje Opseth and Alexandria Loutitt “pulled” the longest with 186.5 meters.

In the first attempt, Ema Klinec landed at 172 meters, and in the second with 203 meters, she became the first woman to officially jump the 200-meter mark (video)! After the flight, she was really looking forward to the milestone, some of the competitors immediately ran to her and cheered with her.

The record achievement is 222 metersIn the last training series, Maren Lundby (212.5) smoothly surpassed the two-hundred-meter mark, and then, with the good help of the wind (13 points of wind deduction), the Canadian Alexandria Loutitt (222.0 m). Ema Klinec jumped at 221 meters and was by far the best of them all. Namely, she flew five places lower (14) than Alexandria Loutitt, and had a lead of around 30 points over the Canadian. Nika Križnar, who had the best distance in the third attempt, 170 meters, has the right to perform among Slovenian women.

In the summer of both Slovenian women first attempt second attempt third attempt
Nika CRUSADER 154.5 m (5th) 158.0 m (10th) 170.0 m (8th)
Emma KLINEC 172.0 m (6th) 203.0 m (1st) 221.0 m (1.)

Daniela Iraschko held the record from Kulm for 19 yearsThe match will take place on Sunday at 10 a.m. and will be broadcast on TV SLO 2. Ema Klinec is leading the Norwegian tour before Sunday’s last match. Only the top 15 in the Norwegian tour’s scoring have the right to perform at the airport, including Juki Ito (she was disqualified in the previous match, but her teammates stood up for her). We remind you that Daniela Iraschko already flew 200 meters 19 years ago in Kulm, but of course not in an official competition.

Source: Rtvslo

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