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Odermatt broke Maier’s achievement and helped Kranjec to 3rd place overall



Žan Kranjec at the last match of the season 11.

Žan Kranjec, despite his poor performance at the final in Soldeu (11th place), won bronze in the World Cup giant slalom standings. Marco Odermatt once again swept away the competition, winning by more than two seconds after two outstanding performances.

Odermatt set a new scoring record in (men’s) World Cup history, surpassing Hermann Maier’s 2,000 points more than two decades ago.

In the last giant slalom of the season, Henrik Kristoffersen rose to second place (from sixth after the first run), while Marco Schwarz came third, who was the biggest threat to Kranjč’s third place in the giant slalom standings. In the end, the Austrian fell short by 15 points. If he was second today, he would overtake Kranjec.

The best Slovenian giant slalomer made a lot of mistakes on the first course (on the fast set-up of the Swiss coach), he could not catch the right rhythm. The 12th time was less than desired. He didn’t shine in the finals, but in the end, he won in the fight for the overall third place. If Odermatt had made any major mistakes, Schwarz would have gained 20 points more in 2nd place and won the bronze.

“It was very tense at the finish line. I knew that Odermatt, if everything was normal, should take the lead. I was hoping that he wouldn’t make a mistake today and retire. I was on edge, I didn’t want to lose 3 in the last race . cities. It means a lot to me, it’s a great success,” Kranjec told TV Slovenija and also assessed his performance today:

I didn’t compete at my best, but I’m glad it turned out the way it did. In the last training sessions in Soldeu, I was not right. The first run didn’t go well for me today, and the second performance was mostly not the best either.”

The last Slovene with a medal in the overall total of an individual discipline (among men) was 23 years ago Matjaž Vrhovnik, who was third in the slalom total.

The events of the morning indicated that Alexis Pinturault, who had the second time, would be more dangerous for Kranjec than Schwarz, but the Frenchman fell to eighth place in the final.

Končni vrstni red:                     
 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI     2:19,64 
 2. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR       +2,11 
 3. M. SCHWARZ         AVT        2,29 
 4. L. BRAATHEN        NOR        2,38 
 5. T. TUMLER          ŠVI        2,56 
 6. R. WINDINGSTAD     NOR        2,60 
 7. F. DELLA VITE      ITA        2,64 
 8. A. PINTURAULT      FRA        2,67 
 9. L. DE ALIPRANDINI  ITA        2,68 
10. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI        2,94 
11. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO        2,96 
  . M. FELLER          AVT        2,96 
Prva proga:                           
 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI     1:07,86
 2. A. PINTURAULT      FRA       +1,09
 3. A. STEEN OLSEN     NOR        1,12
 4. L. BRAATHEN        NOR        1,14
 5  L. MEILLARD        ŠVI        1,61
 6  L. DE ALIPRANDINI  ITA        1,68
 7. R. WINDINGSTAD     NOR        1,69
 8. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR        1,70
 9. G. CAVIEZEL        ŠVI        1,87
10. S. BRENNSTEINER    AVT        2,19
11. M. SCHWARZ         AVT        2,22
12. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO        2,23
13. F. ZUBČIĆ          HRV        2,35
14. F. DELLA VITE      ITA        2,52
15. R. HAASER          AVT        2,54
Svetovni pokal skupno (37/38):         
 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI        2.042
 2. A. A. KILDE        NOR        1.340
 3. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR        1.094
 4. V. KRIECHMAYR      AVT          953
 5. L. BRAATHEN        NOR          874
 6. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI          857
 7. M. SCHWARZ         AVT          839
 8. A. PINTURAULT      FRA          813
 9. M. FELLER          AVT          530
10. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO          464
77. M. HROBAT          SLO           73
80. M. ČATER           SLO           70
84. Š. HADALIN         SLO           65
Veleslalom (10/10):                   
 1. M. ODERMATT        ŠVI         840
 2. H. KRISTOFFERSEN   NOR         660
 3. Ž. KRANJEC         SLO         464
 4. M. SCHWARZ         AVT         449
 5. A. PINTURAULT      FRA         409
 6. L. MEILLARD        ŠVI         406
 7. L. BRAATHEN        NOR         372
 8. G. CAVIEZEL        ŠVI         277
 9. R. WINDIGSTAD      NOR         239
10. F. ZUBČIĆ          HRV         221
33. Š. HADALIN         SLO          43

Source: Rtvslo

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