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Boe continues his dominant march, Fak advanced to 13th place



At 15:00 sprint biathlon

Johannes Thingnes Boe played in 17 World Cup matches this season, winning 15 times after he was also the best in pursuit in Oslo.

The 29-year-old Norwegian ace, who won all the sprints of the winter and then celebrated six times in seven pursuits, missed once on the shooting range and overtook the Frenchman Quentin Fillon by a good 32 seconds Mailletwho is second after a perfect shooting performance city promoted from seventh. He was the third Sturla Holm Laegreid. The Norwegian was third in the sprint, but in the pursuit he was unsuccessful once at the last shooting stop.

With a high lead, before the last shot, he put down his rifle and gestured to the audience with a finger on his lips should shuts up, then took a shot and scored a 20. the target and headed for another victory. With the gesture, he also made Norwegian King Harald V., who watched the match on Holmenkolln. Boe went into the final lap with a minute lead, so he also had time to greet the enthusiastic fans. The best biathlete of recent years won 15 World Cup matches this winter, and he also celebrated in three of the four World Championship trials. In total, he registered 73 victories in the biggest matches.

A good performance was achieved by Jakov Fak, who had to go to the penalty circle once, but in the end he advanced from 17th place to 13th and confirmed his performance in Sunday’s pursuit. Toni Vidmar was less accurate, who achieved a career result in the sprint with 15th place. This time, after the first shooting performance, he had to go to the penalty circle twice, then he left two more targets uncovered, but he ran well in the last round and finished 25th. city.

At 15:00 there will be a women’s sprint race, which was postponed yesterday due to fog. Polona and Živa Klemenčič and Anamarija Lampič will perform.

Zasledovanje (M), 12,5 km:          * 
 1. J. T. BOE          NOR 32:34,0 (1)
 2. Q. FILLON MAILLET  FRA   +32,7 (0)
 3. S. H. LAEGREID     NOR    49,1 (1)
 4. B. DOLL            NEM    55,3 (2)
 5. F. CLAUDE          FRA  1:00,4 (1)
13. J. FAK             SLO  2:05,4 (1)
25. A. VIDMAR          SLO  2:47,7 (4)
  * - zgrešeni streli/kazenski krogi  
Skupni vrstni red (20/21):             
  1. J. T. BOE          NOR   1499 točk
  2. S. H. LAEGREID     NOR   1053     
  3. V. S. CHRISTIANSEN NOR    875     
 19. J. FAK             SLO    375     
 45. A. VIDMAR          SLO     79     
 49. M. DOVŽAN          SLO     70     
 50. A. CISAR           SLO     69     
 83. R. TRŠAN           SLO     10     
 84. L. PLANKO          SLO     10     

Source: Rtvslo

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