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At 15:00: Kalcer Radomlje – Maribor



Celje hosts Domžale

The 28th round of the First League, which marks the beginning of the last quarter of the season, is opened by the football players of Radomelj and Maribor in Domžale. At 17:30 there will be a match between Celje and Domžal.

Kalcer was waiting for the violets on the wings of two consecutive victories. Most recently, he was better than Domžal, and before that he was better than Bravo, who was defeated by Maribor in the last round in Ljubljana. In the opening round of the season, the Radom residents surprised the current national champions with a score of 3:0 in the People’s Garden, who then filled the Radomel net in the next two matches. It was 5:0 in Domžale in September, and 7:0 in Maribor in December.

The people of Celje and the people of Domžal are neighbors in the ranking and in a tense fight for a place in Europe. The hosts of this match are third with 44 points, after having to concede superiority to the leading Olympia in the last round, while Domžale are fourth with two points less. In the last round, they fell in front of Kalcer. The two teams are tied this year in head-to-head matches. The first meeting in Domžale ended with 0:0, and then the next two encounters ended with 2:1.

28th round, Saturday at 15:00: KALCER RADOMLJE – MARIBOR

Judge: Božo Kondić (Ljubljana)

At 5:30 p.m: CELJE – DOMŽALE

Sunday at 1:00 p.m.: BRAVO – GORICA


At 17.30: MURA – OLYMPIA

OLIMPIJA          27 20  3  4 49:26 63
MARIBOR           27 14  5  8 56:33 47
CELJE             27 12  8  7 37:31 44
DOMŽALE           27 11  9  7 41:32 42
KOPER             27 11  7  9 36:26 40
MURA              27  9 11  7 38:33 38
KALCER RADOMLJE   27  5 10 12 23:47 25
BRAVO             27  6  6 16 25:31 24
GORICA            27  4 10 13 23:40 22
CB24 TABOR SEŽANA 27  3 11 13 24:53 20

Source: Rtvslo

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