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This was a tribute to FAS’ top idol



David Cabrera "Magic" Gonzalez and Roberto Casadei Reunite in FAS/Red Territory

David Cabrera, “Mágico” González and Roberto Casadei Reunite at FAS / Red Territory

Three great idols of Club Deportivo FAS, Roberto “Avión” Casadei, Jorge “Mágico” González and David Cabrera, A career on the “Tigrillo” team in downtown Santa Ana.

Casaday’s “Airplane” returns to our country after 43 years as a tribute to the “FAS Legend”.Casaday is Considered the FAS’s “best foreigner” in history.

Meanwhile, David Cabrera FAS all-time top scorerafter scoring 242 goals in the “King of Cups”.

“Magico” Gonzales also appeared at the event, Biggest idol of the Santa Cat team and El Salvador football.

“Trident”, 1979 Conca-Cuff Champion And in 1980, he was runner-up in the United States.

Before the memorial service, David Cabrera said, Reunion with “Majiko Gonzales”.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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