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Xavi: “They will not be able to destabilize us”



Xavi Hernández Barcelona coach / DEM Archives - AFP

Xavi Hernández Barcelona coach / DEM Archives – AFP

FC Barcelona trainer Xavi Hernández is confident that no one will be ‘destabilized’. On the team for the “Negreira Incident”and before this Sunday’s Clásico against Real Madrid, they want to ‘hit the table’.

“They are not going to destabilize us. They are not going to achieve it. We are very stable. We will compete and we will try to win tomorrow. It’s going to be a very strong and difficult blow to win against. We’re very stable. “I’m not talking about the referee,” he insisted.

In this sense, he appealed to Joan Laporta’s message. Guaranteed that there was a smear campaign against the entity Then he asked his partner to “calm down.”

“Everything the president says goes to the masses. He’s the leader of the project. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve already said a lot. I’m focused on football. Tomorrow is La Liga. It’s a transcendent match for 2018. It’s a big goal for us this season.”

he doesn’t care The environment found in the fields of Spain.

“All the animosity we experience in Bilbao away from home will undoubtedly be similar to what we experience there. We need to get closer to ourselves. We have to be strong and we have to think about football.To win, there is nothing better than that.We are focused on the game,” he signaled.

In addition, Catalan technicians He doesn’t mind that the success of the club’s best years is in doubt.

“I don’t care. People can say what they want. I know I won legally. I never felt like I won because of the referee. If so, really I don’t want them to harm me, no, I want them to benefit me,” he said.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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