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Nice lead for Granerud, three Slovenians in the top ten



Live broadcast on TV SLO 2 and MMC

The last stop of the Norwegian Raw Air tour is the airport in Vikersund. You can watch Saturday’s match live on TV SLO 2 and MMC.

After the first series, Halvor Egner Granerud is in the lead, having gained a good lead over his pursuers. 9.8 is the difference to the second Stefan Kraft. The Norwegian flew 235.5 m, the Austrian was four meters longer, but he flew from the starting point higher, in better conditions, and he also received slightly worse marks. The third is the German Andreas Wellinger. In fifth place is the best Slovenian Domen Prevc, sixth is Anže Lanišek, ninth is Timi Zajc, 23rd is Žiga Jelar, and 25th is Lovro Kos.

In the experimental series, the best was Kraft, who flew as much as 249 m. The second result was Prevc with 239 m, and the third was Michael Hayböck with 236 m. Anže Lanišek was ninth with 214.5 m. Lovro Kos was 21st, Žiga Jelar 32nd, and Timi Zajc 38th.

Kraft already won Friday’s qualifications (239.0 meters), Prevc was 4th, Jelar 5th, Zajc 9th, Lanišek 13th and Kos 27th. Rok Masle, a debutant at the aerodromes, did not make it to the race. Lanišek is the highest Slovenian in the total of the Norwegian tour, in third place.

Po prvi seriji:         daljave   točke
 1. H-E. GRANERUD NOR    235,5    225,2
 2. S. KRAFT      AVT    239,5    215,4
 3. A. WELLINGER  NEM    233,5    201,0
 4. M. HAYBÖCK    AVT    228,0    200,4
 5. D. PREVC      SLO    232,5    199,8
 6. A. LANIŠEK    SLO    226,0    195,9
 7. R. KOBAJAŠI   JAP    218,5    190,2
 8. G. DESCHWAND. ŠVI    217,0    190,0
 9. T. ZAJC       SLO    222,0    188,4
10. D. TSCHOFENIG AVT    216,5    186,2
23. Ž. JELAR      SLO    200,5    155,3
25. L. KOS        SLO    185,5    152,6
Jumper Experimental series The first series Second series
Lovro Kos 197.0 m 185.5 m 159.0 m
Anže Lanišek 214.5 m 226.0 m
Žiga Jelar 177.0 m 200.5 m 197.0 m
Domain Prevc 239.0 m 232.5 m
Timi Zajc 137.0 m 222.0 m 189.5 m

Source: Rtvslo

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