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Norwegian celebration for Klaeba and Skistad in the sprint in Sweden



Slovenians far from thirty, Eva Urevac did not compete due to illness

Norway’s Johanness Hoesfolt Klaebo and Kristine Stavas Skistad won the freestyle sprint at the World Cup in Falun, Sweden. The three Slovenian representatives are far behind in the elimination fights.

Slovenian cross-country skiers were at the tail in the qualifications. Fairy Worm was 51st, 11.99 seconds behind Edvin Anger of Sweden, who finished first in the first leg of the race. Miha Šimencthe second Slovenian representative, was 52nd (+12.19) among 68 runners at the finish line.

Eva Urevac she did not appear due to illness. Anja Mandeljc was 51st, penultimate, behind Sweden’s Jonna Sundling, who was the fastest, the only Slovenian on the start list was 29.48 seconds behind.

Johannes Hoesfolt Klaebo was second in the qualifiers, but then won all the races in the elimination fights, including in the final, where he was too strong for compatriot Erkin Valnes and the Italian Federico Pellegrino.

Kristine Stavas Skistad won the World Cup for the third time. In the finish sprint, she beat the local woman by a good three tenths of a second Jonna Sundlinganother excellent Swedish sprinter, Maja Dahlqvist, was third, almost five seconds behind.

On Sunday, there will be mixed 4 x 5 km relays in Falun, and the World Cup will continue on Tuesday in Tallinn with the free technique sprint. The season will end at the end of next week, when on Saturday there will be a sprint in classic technique in Lahti, followed by a 20 km race on Sunday.


Sprint freestyle (W):

 1. K.-S. SKISTAD   NOR        2:55,62 
 2. J. SUNDLING     ŠVE          +0,34 
 3. M. DAHLQVIST    ŠVE           4,98 
51. A. MANDELJC     SLO                

Sprint freestyle (M):

 1. J.-H. KLAEBO    NOR        2:52,73
 2. E. VALNES       NOR          +0,73
 3. F. PELLEGRINO   ITA           1,18
51. V. ČRV          SLO               
52. M. ŠIMENC       SLO               


Women (28/31):

  1. T. U. WENG         NOR      1.834
  2. J. DIGGINS         ZDA      1.732
  3. K. NISKANEN        FIN      1.632
 27. E. UREVC           SLO        649
 61. A. MANDELJC        SLO        244
152. N. ŽERJAV          SLO          8
162. A. KLEMENČIČ       SLO          3
168. K. MALI            SLO          1

Men (28/31):

  1. J. H. KLAEBO       NOR      2.370
  2. P. GOLBERG         NOR      2.061
  3. F. PELLEGRINO      ITA      1.483
 91. M. ŠIMENC          SLO        131
142. V. ČRV             SLO         43
156. M. LIČEF           SLO         21
185. A. GROS            SLO          3

Source: Rtvslo

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