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Radomlje and the player were less able to withstand Maribor’s attacks, Mulalić’s big mistake in Celje



Celjani is just one point behind the purple ones

In the 28th round of the First League, the Radomelj players lost to Maribor with a score of 1:1. In the last quarter of an hour, they played without the suspended Gabr Dobrovoljec, but they repelled all the purple attacks and won a big point in the fight for survival. Celje beat Domžale 1:0.

Calcer it is waiting for the violets on the wings of two consecutive victories. Lastly it is was better than Domžal, and before that from Bravawhich it is in last round in Ljubljana beat Maribor. In the opening round of the season, the people of Radom are 3-0 in People’s Garden surprised the current national champions, who then filled the Radomelj net in the next two matches. In September it is was in Domžalah 5:0, and in December in Maribor as much as 7:0.

Sokler confirmed his excellent formThe hosts made a great start to the meeting and in took the lead in the 10th minute. Samsindin Oura it is masterfully sent a deep ball behind the Maribor defense with the outside of his foot. Sven Šoštarić Karič it is escaped Ester Sotler who it is in excellent form. Attacker of Kalcer it is reliably beat Ažbet Juga. Four minutes later, the violets had an exceptional one opportunity to equalize. Ivan Brnic it is passed from the left where it is Marko Tolić himself was at the door, but it is clumsily hit the ball from close range, which it is flew over the door.

Iličić’s second goal after his return At the end of the first half, the guests created opportunities one after another. 36th minute it is ran when it is on the right side I found Žan Vipotnik, but good it is forwarded by Emil Vekić. A good minute later, Maribor’s attacks only bore fruit. Tolic it is played excellently. He passed by first Darly N’Landuupon arrival in completed the penalty area with Gabr Dobrovoljec, and then passed to Josip Iličić, who it is sent the ball under the bar from ten meters. The main star of the First League it is scored a second time on his return in homeland.

You are from Maribor it is by the end of the half, he had a few more good chances. First of all it is after a shot by Brnić, who it is hit the ball poorly, Vekić rebounded, but Vipotnik it is sent the ball straight from close range in home goalkeeper. Vekic it is also intervened well after Brnić’s quick counterattack. This one it is then in sent the referee’s assistant a sharp cross in front of the goal, and the ball it is narrowly missed the target.

Radomljani closed shortly after the start of the second half. You are Mario Čuić it is forward double pass exchanged with N’Landumwhich to him it is returned the ball with the heel, then with his brother Filip, who it is also passed with the heel. With this, they outplayed the visiting defense, but Mario it is bad shot and ball it is flew past the door.

The volunteer is given a yellow card first, and a red card after watching the videoIn the 76th minute it is Kalcer remained with one less player. Volunteer it is knocked down Vipotnik just outside the penalty area. Božo Kondić it is initially showed the home defender a yellow card, but after watching the video it is reversed the decision and reached for the red. Free kick it is realized Iličić, who, however it is he measured past the door.

In the 81st minute it is in Near the goal, Vipotnik came up with a shot again, a it is was in the place of Velić. A little later it is Hand Kronveter pulled in counterattack, but in the end he also missed the goal. Maribor it is pressed until the end, Radomljani delayed, but in the end they were much more satisfied with the point.

An incredible mistake by the goalkeeper Mulalić made Celjane happyCelje is an important match in battle for places for European competitions played without the suspended Lovro Bizjak, on the bench it is also started a bit begin representative Žan Karničnik. Some are absent it is was also with guests (Nick Perc, Tilen Klemenčič, Bartol Barišić).

Aljoša Matko and her teammates are once again very close to second place.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

The first half did not offer a particularly exciting game. Celje dominated, had more of the ball in possessions, were more than half of the rival, but they did not carry out a particularly dangerous campaign. In the 19th minute it is Klemen Nemanič reliably got a jump in front of the goal, but poorly shot with the head. Six minutes later, Domžale goalkeeper Ajdin Mulalić did not have a particularly difficult job with Luka’s shot Bobičanac from a long distance.

In the 48th minute, Celjani were close to the lead when it is Charles tried from close range Ikwuemesihowever it is Mulalić deflected the ball. In the 63rd minute it is also tried Aljoša Matko, a it is sent the ball past the goal. In the 72nd minute it is had to intervene, the home keeper of the net, Matko Obradović, when it is Zeni measures from 25 meters Husmans.

The decision was made in 78th minute. Gregor Bajde, who it is entered in 65th minute, it is in got a shot in the penalty area and hit one of the Domžale defenders. Index it isthat Mulalić will easily catch the ball, but she it is missed and between his legs it is rolled away in network.

The people of Domžal are shocked in pressed several times in the last ten minutes it is the defense, headed by Obradović, had to intervene, but the Celians withstood the visitors’ attacks.

Round 28: KALCER RADOMLJE – MARIBOR 1:1 (1:1)400; Sokler 10.; Ilicic 38.RK: Dobrovoljc 76./Radomlje

Calcium: Velic, HrvojDobrovoljc, Zulić, Marković, Gnjatic, OuraN’landu (64th/Pogačar), Cerar (46th/Čuić), Šošić (46th/Čuić), Sokler (78th/Korun).

Maribor: South, MilecWatson, Šoštarič Karić, GuerricoAntolin (64./Kronaveter), Repas (79./ Laušić), Iličić, Tolić (89./Božić), Brnić (79./Jakupović), Vipotnik.

Judge: Božo Kondić (Ljubljana)

CELJE – DOMŽALE 1:0 (0:0)400; Let’s go 78.

Goals: Obradovic, Stefulj (65./Bajde), Zec, Nemanič, EichmeierVrbanec, Zabukovnik, Popović (83./Kouter), BobičanecMatko (76./Karničnik), Ikwuemesi (76./Kargbo).

Regrets: Mulalic, MutavčićĐurić, NwankwoHodžić (80./Topalović), Strajnar (62./Brecl), HusmansMarkuš, Repas (76./Podlogar), Kovačević (76./Hasanbegović), Vuk (62./Pišek).

Judge: Slavko Vinčić (Maribor)

Sunday at 1:00 p.m.: BRAVO – GORICA


At 17.30: MURA – OLYMPIA

OLIMPIJA          27 20  3  4 49:26 63 
MARIBOR           28 14  6  8 57:34 48 
CELJE             28 13  8  7 38:31 47 
DOMŽALE           28 11  9  8 41:33 42 
KOPER             27 11  7  9 36:26 40 
MURA              27  9 11  7 38:33 38 
KALCER RADOMLJE   28  5 11 12 24:48 26 
BRAVO             27  6  6 16 25:31 24 
GORICA            27  4 10 13 23:40 22 
CB24 TABOR SEŽANA 27  3 11 13 24:53 20 

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Source: Rtvslo

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