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UFC fighter reveals he’s bisexual after leaking intimate video



Jeff Molina UFC fighter

Jeff Molina UFC fighter

After an intimate video that was supposed to be private was leaked, UFC fighter Jeff Molina said: First man on the circuit to declare himself bisexual A person who publicly reveals about his orientation.

After the work is distributed on social networks, Molina talked about her sexual preferencesSimilarly, he said he was upset about having to publicize this aspect of his life.

What did Molina say about her sexual orientation?

The American fighter on the most important mixed martial arts (MMA) circuit on the planet, he treated romantic relationships with cautionalthough in the same way he could hold back a little.

“I have tried to keep my love life private from social media. Even after it happened and I was in the UFC, I kept the feelings I was feeling locked away.”

In a long sentence he shared, Molina said, The treatment he expects from now on to be provided by his environmentand you are no different.

“I didn’t understand the idea that friends, teammates, people I looked up to would see me differently, let alone treat me differently because of something I had no control over. It was something.”

Finally he declared that he was confused. Well, his idea was always to be recognized for more talent than the Octagon. And as a high-performance athlete, not for reasons that have nothing to do with his profession.

“In the UFC, I want to be known not as a bisexual fighter, but for my skills and what I’ve put into my life over the last 11 years.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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